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  • 10 Things to Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Boat Or Dinghy

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      So, you want to buy an inflatable boat or dinghy... Congratulations! You’re buying a product that is versatile, durable and guaranteed to ente...
  • Water Trampolines & Water Bouncers: Ultimate Guide

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    Trying to decide on a water trampoline conjures up lots of questions and some worries.  Are they safe?  Do I get a bouncer or a trampoline? What...
  • How To Determine Oar Length for a Rowboat

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    How To Determine Oar Length for a Rowboat What length oars do I need for my rowboat?  While there is no on...
  • Canoes vs Rowboat Differences (Which is best for you?)

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    Canoes and rowboats are great ways to get out on the lake or river. Both provide hours of fun and exploration.  Which one do you need?  There’s a...
  • What You Need To Know About The Air-Dock Inflatable Boat Lift

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    Thinking about an inflatable boat lift to protect your boat? That’s because you know how important it is to safeguard your boat from algae and barn...
  • The Pros and Cons of Windsurfing on Inflatable SUP Boards

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    Windsurfing, or sailboarding is making a comeback. Wider boards make it safer for people to learn the skill today, and many people get a quick sta...
  • 2022 SUP Paddle Board Guide

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    Updated For 2022     Surf’s up! We’re about to catch some serious waves and we ask that you join us. On an inflatable paddle board, that is! It’s t...
  • How To Choose The Stryker Boat That’s Best For YOU

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    Love the idea of owning a Stryker Inflatable Boat? We don't blame you. In this guide we'll fill you on the different models and their features, so you can choose the boat that's right for you!
  • Choosing the Right SUP Board Based on Your Paddle Goals

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    When purchasing a stand up paddle board, it is important to consider your paddle goals. Travel the world or enjoy your own backyard from a new perspective, we’ve compiled some of the best inflatable sup options based on your unique recreational goals.