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How To Choose The Stryker Boat That’s Best For YOU

Two Stryker Inflatable Boats floating on a gorgeous lake.


Love the idea of owning a Stryker inflatable boat? We don’t blame you. With all of the best design and durability elements, it would be hard to find a better get-up for your fishing, hunting, or simply ‘let’s go for a ride’ boating needs. 

But here’s the thing, with several models each having their own features and addons, choosing the one that’s right for you can feel like a whole ‘nother can of worms. To make the process easier, we’ve laid out all of the must-know details about each incredible boat.


In this post we’re going to cover:

  • What makes Stryker boats stand out, aka ‘The Stryker difference.’ 
  • Answer the questions that may be lingering in the back of your head, and simplify the buying process as much as possible! 

7 Incredible Benefits of Stryker Boats

Having an inflatable boat that’ll be around for the long haul is important. Whether you’re fishing streams or navigating rough water, there’s a Stryker inflatable boat that fits the bill. Let’s check out some of the benefits of choosing a Stryker Boat:


  1. You can easily assemble and take these boats apart. No engineering degree needed.
  2. These boats are durable and strong. They won’t deflate, even when your rowdy treble hook brandishing 7 year old joins you on your “peaceful” weekend away. 
  3. They don’t take up a lot of space, they’re easy to haul, and easy to store! 
  4. Stryker boats are also super lightweight. One of the great benefits of inflatable vessels: you don’t have to possess the brawn of Hercules to move them around.
  5. Low maintenance? You bet. If you hate endless maintenance and tinkering just to keep things working, Stryker’s the name of the game.
  6. Know those boats that take forever to pump? Yeah, Stryker boats aren’t like that. You’ll be on the water before you know it, so you can save your energy for better things like hauling in a school of gravity-defying bass, or taking a refreshing swim.
  7. Thanks to its stealth, you can also sneak up on fish like the angler-ninja you always knew you could be. 


With all that said, how do you pick the perfect Stryker boat? You know, the one that feels like it was made specially for you. We’re here to help — read on and you’ll find out!


How to Find the Perfect Stryker Boat for You

When you have a wide range of customers with different backgrounds and needs, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ inflatable boat. Stryker understands that. To help you sift through the many models and unique features, answer these simple questions:


  • Going adventure seeking with a large group of friends? Then this beast of a boat should be right up your alley. 
  • Need a boat with a bimini top to shield you from the hot sun? This Stryker fishing boat has enough room for you, your gear and even a pet or two.
  • Worried that some sea monster will puncture your boat while fishing? Then put your mind at ease with a boat that has the impenetrable Stryker Shield®.
  • Want to be in cool waters on a sunny day, sipping a cold drink, with just the fish and mermaids for company? Let this boat act as your passage to Poseidon’s kingdom. 
  • Looking for a boat that can accommodate the entire family, including the in-laws, without the risk of someone falling overboard? Then you'll love this one right here.  
  • Searching for a boat that’s steady enough for all your angling techniques? This boat will have you feeling like you’re on solid ground. 

The 3 Series & Which Stryker Model Fits You

Stryker boats are grouped into three different series: LX, HD, and PRO. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve separated the three series, and have given you specifics on each model. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in! 

LX Series 

The LX series was designed for those who want top-notch quality but are also conscious of their wallet. Here’s the thing. The LX series are incredibly affordable, but they’re still the real deal. We can ensure you that the LX series meets the hype. There’s a reason Stryker has such an awesome reputation! 


Black and white inflatable boat.


Stryker LX 250 (8’ 2”) Inflatable Boat

Want to explore calm waters or need a tender for your yacht? Then look no further than the LX 250 inflatable boat. It has enough space to comfortably seat at least 2 people. Heck, even 4 people can fit if the need arises. Simply pair this gem with a 6hp motor and soon you can discover where the fish are schooling.


Red and black inflatable boat in showroom.


Stryker LX 270 (8’ 9”) Inflatable Boat

The LX 270 is a testimony to how much Stryker values the input of their customers. It was introduced to the market in 2019 after Stryker customers clamored for a boat with its specifications. And naturally, Stryker delivered! It comes with all the best features including the much raved about Stryker Shield™ Under Tubes and Keel Strake. There are two bench seats (which can seat 4 people,) and this boat operates perfectly with a 9.9hp outboard motor. 


A Stryker Inflatable Boat with a large motor floats on a lake.


Stryker LX 320 (10’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

Let’s be honest, it can be particularly hard to find a boat that’s fully optioned, lightweight, and still affordable at the same time! And this is where the LX 320 has an edge over other boats in its range. It can conveniently fit 2 to 3 people and their gear. In fact, if you take gear out of the equation, this boat can accomodate 5 people with precisely zero problems. Is it any wonder, the LX 320 is a favorite among boating lovers and anglers?  The LX320 pairs well with a 9.8hp motor.


Two people drag their inflatable boat up to shore.


Stryker LX 360 (11’ 7”) Inflatable Boat

If you love the LX 320 but need more space, you might consider the LX 360. This inflatable boat has the exact specifications of the LX 320 but with one key difference — you can seat 7 people! And do you know the best part? The price difference isn’t going to leave you bankrupt. We recommend a 20hp motor for this beauty. 


The rear view of the Stryker LX 380 boat in the color "Rescue Red."


Stryker LX 380 (12’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

The LX 380 is one of Stryker’s best selling boats, there’s no doubt about it. It perfectly straddles the thin line between size and weight without losing its lightweight benefits. It’s the ideal inflatable boat for a family of 4. For optimal performance, pair this boat with a 20hp EFI outboard motor. 


A very large grey and black inflatable Stryker boat.


Stryker LX 420 (13’ 7”) Inflatable Boat

We close the LX boats with the largest one in the series: the LX 420. If you have a large family, this boat can comfortably carry your crew. This Stryker boat can seat 8 people, including their gear. Thanks to a maximum hp rating of 40 and its 20” tube diameter, the LX 420 is strong enough to sail on large bodies of water with minimal turbulence. It performs perfectly with a 20hp fuel injected outboard motor. 

Stryker HD series

The Stryker HD is the LX series on steroids (in a good way). It has all the features that Stryker boat loyalists love in the LX models but with its own special trademarks. Even though these pack a ton of shiny accessories you’re going to love, they’re still lightweight and manageable.


A man fishing on a lake in his inflatable boat.


Stryker HD 380 (12’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

The HD 380 is a winner. This boat has a 1.8mm material to protect your hull and seat. There’s also the addition of 2 extra Scotty Bases® and 5 air chambers. But that’s not all! You’ll also get 2 Scotty® Baitcaster rod holders and a bimini top to provide the perfect amount of shade on those sunny days. This boat pairs perfectly with a 30hp outboard motor. 


Closeup image of a gray Stryker Inflatable Boat.


Stryker HD 420 (13’ 7”) Inflatable Boat

If you’re looking for a boat that can accommodate 10 people, then you’ll want to see what the HD 420 has to offer. Not only will you get loads of space, but also a bimini canopy, 7 factory installed Scotty® base mounts, 2 Scotty® Baitcaster rod holders kits, 5 air chambers, and an essential bag. And we can’t forget the all-important swim ladder for when you’re dying for a dip in the cool water! To get your boat cruising with ease, mount a 40hp motor to the back. 

PRO Series

The name gives it away! This series was made guessed it, the professionals. The PRO series is still great for hard core hobbyists, but also for those who consider their boat an essential part of their day to day lives. Stryker’s PRO series features the toughest, most elite boats on the water. If you’re looking for the best inflatable boats that money can buy, then look no further.


A man fishes from his boat on a big lake.


Stryker PRO 320 (10’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

For the rugged fisherman who wants ultimate protection, the PRO 320 is your best bet. In addition to the 1.8mm protective material on the hull and seat, the entire hull is reinforced with the Stryker Shield® for extra protection. And if you ever find yourself in extreme shallow water, you can attach a JET outboard to its 20” transom without a hassle. In fact, we recommend a 9.8hp long shaft outboard.

A green Stryker Pro inflatable boat.


Stryker PRO 380 (12’ 5”) Inflatable Boat

This boat is for those who are looking for a size upgrade to the PRO 320. This model has room for 4 people without feeling overcrowded. It also has the Stryker Shield® wrapped on its entire underbelly for added fortification. Pair it with a 25hp JET or a 20hp long shaft outboard motor and you’re good to go.


Green and black boat.


Stryker PRO 420 (13’ 7”) Inflatable Boat

Stryker’s PRO 420 is ideal for a large group of thrill seekers. In fact, 10 people can conveniently fit on this vessel without having to constantly rub elbows. It also comes with all the bells and whistles standard to the elite PRO series. And you can get all of this without breaking the bank. Need we say more? For this model it’s best to choose either a 20hp long shaft (prop) outboard or a 35hp JET.


A large inflatable boat loaded on a trailer.


Stryker PRO 500 (16’ 4”) Inflatable Boat

Okay, so this is the boat of all inflatable boats. Ever since its introduction in 2018, the PRO 500 has been on popular demand by Styker’s loyal fan base. With a weight of 350lbs and length of 16’ 4”, this is the largest boat in the Stryker lineup. But don’t let the size intimidate you. The PRO 500 can be easily launched, carried or retrieved with the Stryker Boat Trailer. Besides, there are various console options you can pair it with. This beast of a boat can carry 14 people! Ready for your next holiday weekend? Since the PRO 500 is a larger vessel, we recommend a more powerful motor such as a 30-50hp long shaft(prop) outboard or a 35-40hp JET.

Final Thoughts On Choosing Your Stryker Boat 

So there you have it! Stryker boats are truly in a league of their own. And with so many amazing models, there’s sure to be one that fits your boating needs. Remember, Stryker boats aren’t just used by hobbyists and professional anglers, they’re also used by search and rescue, police forces, and the military. There’s a reason the elite of the elite choose Stryker, and the reason is the ‘Stryker Difference.’ 

If you’re looking for a boat that’s as tough as nails but still able to meet your capacity and accessory needs, Stryker’s it. We hope this guide has helped you zero in on your favorite model. Paired with your Stryker inflatable boat, you’re sure to take on new and exciting adventures!