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About us


It all began for me growing up on the Chesapeake Bay.  Sailing with my uncle, gave me a love for all things boats.  Like most people, that passion faded with the necessity of providing for a growing family. 


After years of both of us working rut jobs, my wife lost her job and we were faced with what to do next.  She wanted to do something entrepreneurial and mentioned the boating industry.  That lit a fire in me and Light As Air Boats was born. 


We had a small amount of savings – our retirement really.  I’d like to say it was smooth “sailing” from there, but that’s kind of laughable.  We had a lot to learn.  Those lessons were sometimes tough our first two years. 

Here’s Me



I wish! 
This is as good as I get!



Talking to customers made it worth the startup headaches.  We could have sold kitchen sinks or auto parts, but we wouldn’t have experienced the excitement our customers have when getting new watersports “stuff”.  We know how that feels.  We want to buy everything we sell.  When we get a new brand, we want it! My father-in-law always tells us – “you can’t be your own best customer”.   Someday we need to listen to that advice.

Before signing off, I’d like to share my “Why”.  This is my family, and they are everything to me.






We’re glad you are here, and I hope you reach out.  I’d love to hear about your favorite watersports, boating adventures or the brands you love.  You can always reach me at

See you on the water!