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Looking For The Perfect Gift? Our Official Paddle Board Buying Guide


A woman in a yellow swimsuit relaxes on her black and green blowup paddleboard.


Surf’s up! We’re about to catch some serious waves and we ask that you join us. On an inflatable paddle board, that is. 

It’s the ultimate way to escape for some adventure this year. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special this summer, the perfect SUP (stand-up paddle board) is a gift for a lifetime.

Choosing the best paddle board to gift can be tricky, however. With so many different models out there, and a large range of paddling activities, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Don’t work up a sweat just yet though; you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s the ultimate paddle board buying guide. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

In this post, we’re going to cover:

  • Why paddle boards are the best way to get away and enjoy the water
  • The advantages of inflatable paddle boards 
  • How to choose a paddle board that’s tailor-made for the recipient

Why A Blow Up Paddle Board Is So Special

If blow up paddle boards have been on your mind for some time now, convenience is already at the top of your priority list. Or maybe it’s important to the person you’re thinking of buying one for. With an inflatable paddle board, you get all the fun of a traditional board without the extra baggage. Literally

Inflatable paddle boards make for incredible fun, for so many reasons:

  1. Compact and convenient. No need to make additional space to store these. 
  2. Take them with you - wherever you go. On the road, in the air, or on the sea.
  3. Your arms will thank you. Inflatable paddle boards weigh less and are much easier to carry.
  4. Easy set up. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to completely inflate your paddle board. 
  5. They’re ideal for any skill level. 
  6. Inflatable SUPs make for a stable ride. You won’t miss the wibble-wobble. 
  7. Durability. There’s nothing flimsy about inflatable paddle boards. 
  8. They provide cushion. For those inevitable falls. Or those relaxing yoga sessions. Or both. 
  9. They are versatile. Inflatable SUPs can be used for a range of activities by people of any age.

An Inflatable Paddle Board: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “buy experiences, not things.” An inflatable paddle board is the gift that comes with unlimited experiences. 

To be sure you’ve got the absolute perfect one for your recipient, you’ve got to understand what kind of thrill-seeker he/she is. And if you’re looking to purchase one for yourself, ask these questions:

How To Choose A Paddle Board

Contrary to popular belief, inflatable paddle boards are much more sturdy and durable than rigid boards. Thanks to modern day advances, inflatable paddle boards can take some serious beating on the water without actually suffering the wear and tear. 

So how do you find the right one? Look at lifestyle. Do you enjoy leisure paddling or much more intense thrills will ultimately help you find the right one. After all, this is a forever match.

Inflatable Paddle Boards For Recreation & Touring

If you’re looking to tour some local bodies of water, here are the best paddle boards:

Two people enjoying the ocean while paddleboarding on their POP El Capitan boards.

POP El Capitan

Here’s a great paddle board for beginners and professionals, alike. It sports a wider base and has a capacity of 425 pounds. Perfect for your big guy. Or why not bring the dog along? This one’s ideal for winding rivers, your favorite lake, or even paddleboarding down the coast!  

A man in blue swim-shorts gliding on the water aboard his Aqua Marina Hyper paddleboard.


Aqua Marina Hyper 11’6”

If you’re touring the waters for the first time on a SUP, the Aqua Marina Hyper will provide you with the balance you crave. It features incredible stiffness and durability and has a width of 31” for even more stability. But it’s not just for beginners! The board is 6 inches thick and ideal for campers who are looking to transport their gear from point A to B, without getting everything wet. 


An image of the Aqua Marina Atlas paddleboard and all of it's accessories.


Aqua Marina Atlas 12’

Here’s a great all-around paddle board for taller paddlers, or those paddling with their family. It’s a whopping 12 feet long and features lightweight drop stitch technology. This model is an incredible bang-for-your-buck and is super versatile. 

 Two little sisters with blonde hair paddle board together.  


This model showcases some serious rigidity as it’s built with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers. With a 32” width, it’s a wonderful board for beginners. And with it’s single fin, you’ll experience ultimate traction with less drag, which typically occurs when you have side fins. 

Inflatable SUP For The More Experienced Paddleboarder

If you or the person you’re buying a paddleboard for has clocked some serious hours on the water, you might want to choose something that is more streamlined for performance. And thankfully, we’ve got the perfect option!


A man paddles quickly across the water on his Aqua Marina Race blowup paddleboard.


Aqua Marina Race 12’6”

Featuring a narrower base, this 12’6” paddle board allows you to quickly cover distances. It’s fast and slippery without compromising stability. And with an optimized kick pad and flat tail, you can make speedy turns in next to no time. Race on.

Boards With Amazing Performance & Gorgeous Design

If you’re looking to gift a board that is aesthetically superior and delivers top-notch performance, these SUPs are it. The Yolo models are designed by an artist and feature incredible detailed artwork. 

With a double bungee and a triple fin system, these boards offer an experience like nothing else. And they’re well worth it, too.  

A woman gazes at the beautiful design of her Yolo Honu Blowup Paddle Board


Yolo - Honu 11’

Also available in 12’ the Honu is lightweight despite its marine grade durability. Exquisitely designed, it makes for a beautiful gift. Oh, and we can’t forget...all of the Yolo boards come with a travel bag! And not just one you sling across your back, but one with wheels. Cheers to easy maneuvering! 


A stock image of the beautiful blue and white Yolo Tattoo inflatable paddleboard.


Yolo Tattoo

A Yolo board that allows for great gliding and tilt stability. Bonus points for incredible rigidity. And the design is gorgeous! We know you’re not trying to make the other paddleboarders jealous, but how can you avoid it with the “Tattoo?” 


A stock image of the Yolo Yacht 11' inflatable stand up paddle board.


Yolo Yacht 11’

This model features a beautiful design that will appeal to anyone’s aesthetics. It’s also super lightweight and more narrow, which is great for someone looking for more speed. And with this inflatable board you’ll have the option of choosing a white, grey, teal, or yellow paddle. Added customization! 

Searching For An Affordable Paddle Board?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy paddleboarding. There are some wonderful paddle boards that are easy on the pockets. Take a look below.

A couple relaxes on their Aqua Marina Triton SUP.


Aqua Marina Triton 11’2

This paddle board is affordable and fierce. It features a big platform and a large maximum weight capacity of 319 pounds. Again, why not bring your furry sidekick for an adventure out on the lake? It’s not the fastest of the lot but it’s the perfect all-rounder. 

A woman rides on her blue blowup paddle board with gorgeous clear water beneath her.

Aqua Marina Vapor

This paddle board is perfect for the petite adventurers as it’s shorter than most at 10’4”. It’s also super maneuverable yet stable. And the “Vapor” even features extra stainless steel D-rings on the deck pad so you can add on an optional seat. How’s that for comfort? 

A teenage girl enjoys paddling on her Aqua Marina 2021 Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board.

Aqua Marina Breeze

Also on the more petite side, the Aqua Marina Breeze comes in at 9’10” long. It’s a very budget-friendly board that delivers an easy ride and plenty of space to carry extra luggage. And it comes in a really fun color. 

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

Do you enjoy the tranquility of being on the water alone or would you prefer a group session? Either way, practicing yoga on the water will likely be an exciting addition to traditional yoga. The water adds another element of instability and can challenge you to your core. 

A couple paddle on their blowup paddleboards across a lake.

HO Tarpon 10’6”

Added traction, tri fin system for a straight glide, and a width of 35 inches, this paddle board is a yogi’s dream. This inflatable board also features a front bungee zone. This makes it easy to carry along your favorite accessories such as a cooler, Bluetooth speaker, snacks, and more. 

A young woman paddles over the ocean.

Aqua Marina Dhyana

The Dhyana is our most popular yoga board, and rightfully so. With extra large dimensions, you get an uninterrupted workout. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and provides 1000% stability. Oh yes. In fact, it’s one of the most stable boards we carry. It’s also super affordable! 

Two friends enjoy practicing yoga on their Aqua Marina yoga dock.

Aqua Marina Yoga Dock

This yoga dock is the ultimate yoga platform for a yoga instructor. It is specifically designed for instructing purposes as it allows attachments for up to 8 paddleboards. Go ahead and invite your yoga class to the water. It’ll be an experience that they’ll never forget.

A stock image of the Solstice Watersports Lanai inflatable paddle board.


Solstice Lanai

If you want to practice yoga on a paddle board, you’re looking for stability. And the Lanai has got you covered. It’s made from super high-pressure drop stitched material that provides a strong and rigid core and can support up to 200 pounds. The Lanai also has a Bow Mount System, which allows you to attach a waterproof camera or safety light. 

The Perfect Choice For Paddle Board Fishing

For the fishermen (or fisherwomen), a paddle board designed for a relaxing afternoon of fishing is just what you need. Most fisherman are either stuck on the bank or need a boat to reach any distance. With a paddle board you can cover new water! 

A man fishing aboard his inflatable paddleboard.


Aqua Marina Drift

This paddle board offers maximum stability for a relaxing fishing experience. It’s got built in fishing rod holder mounts and the option to add a 2 compartment cooler that also makes for a comfortable seat. It’s also made with super durable drop stitch material so you can make it to your favorite spot on the water, without a care. 

Inflatable Paddle Boards For Big Family Fun!

Going solo on the water has its benefits, but taking the whole family along is fun you can’t beat. These paddle boards are large enough for multiple people without compromising stability or smoothness.

A large group of friends enjoys their time on the Aqua Marina Mega paddleboard.

Aqua Marina Mega

This giant of a board is 18 feet of pure joy.  It has up to 13 heavy duty straps for easy handling and for the little ones that would prefer to hang on tight. It also has 2 air valves and pumps for fast inflation and deflation. So round up 7-8 of your friends/family members for an unbeatable experience.  It’s both a staff favorite and a best seller.

An image of a woman standing next to her gigantic inflatable paddeboard.


Solstice Maori

This one’s 2 feet shorter than the Mega model but it features a super-wide design which makes it an easy board to be on - for all 5 of you. The Maori comes with 4 paddles, a higher pressure pump, a bungee system, and more! 

A stock image of the Paradise Pad inflatable paddleboard.


Paradise Pad

It’s our heavy-duty multi-person board which features incredible foot support and offers extreme strength and rigidity. It inflates in less than 8 minutes and will likely be an exciting addition to your lake gear.  This complete kit comes with 4 fiberglass paddles, and D-Rings for all that gear.  Whether your crew wants to see how far they can paddle or the kids use it as their personal diving board, this is an exciting gift. 

Looking For A Youth Paddle Board?

Paddle boards aren’t limited to a specific age group. In fact, they are perfect for younger thrill-seekers. 

A preteen boy enjoys gliding across the water on his Aqua Marina Vibrant SUP.


Aqua Marina Vibrant

It’s shorter, narrower, and has a lower volume making it ideal for young riders. It’s still built to the same standards as their larger counterparts. With it’s fun yellow and white design, your kids are sure to love this one! The max weight for the “Vibrant” is 132 pounds. 

A stock image of a blue and white inflatable SUP.


Solstice Maui

If your young one has experience with paddling, this board might be perfect. It’s built for performance and allows them to bring along their favorite gear. With a universal bow mount, pair this one with a GoPro or speakers for an unforgettable time. 

Enjoy a Summer Full of Adventure

Blow up paddle boards are truly in a class of their own. They last for years and provide dozens of unforgettable experiences. Experiences make memories!

With so many amazing models out there, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect board. Whether leisure or unmatched adventure is your preference, there’s a board out there for you. 

We hope that our paddle board buying guide was a huge help. Now that you know your way around the boards, be sure to check out our must-have upgrades and paddle board accessories! 

Your next adventure awaits. Order a paddle board today!