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Man rowing with the ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak
ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak complete package
Man with passenger rowing on ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak
Man rowing solo on ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak
Man rowing on ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak along with the RowonAir Paddleboards
Man rowing with passenger on ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak
ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak with Rowonair Rowing Unit system
Man rowing on ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak

ROWONAIR AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Oct 05 and Oct 12. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Looking for a boat for a long-distance tour while enjoying some healthy rowing action at the same time? ROWONAIR'S AirKayak 16' Inflatable Kayak is the perfect boat for 1-3 adults!

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    ROWonAIR I-boards are not flat bottom boards, they have a slight V-shaped bottom that aids with tracking and hydrodynamics to cut through the water. 

    The AIRKAYAK 16' is perfect for a tour with a friend or two, or on your own. It has enough space for family and friends and is ideal for longer tours with much luggage and yet fast and maneuverable. 

    AirKayak 16' Features & Benefits

    AirKayak 16' is packed with a high-pressure air pump with deflating function for fast and comfortable inflation within 5 minutes. It has large, screw-type relief valves which enable you to deflate quickly and easily. The streamlined hull glides effortlessly through the water and makes every tour a real experience!

    ☑ High Sides for Safety
    The higher walls of this boat are great for bringing a young or furry friend along to enjoy a row. These sides will also keep gear dry(er) in choppy conditions. It would still be wise to store any important gear in a dry bag.

    ☑ Elastic Luggage Netting
    Plenty of space for luggage in the bow and stern of the cockpit. Plus extra elastic luggage netting.

    ☑ High-Quality Construction
    Side chambers (1) and base (2) are made entirely from Drop Stitch while the hull is reinforced with a PVC skin (3): to provide the highest strength and rigidity, low weight, durability, and resistance to abrasion.  

    ☑ Pre-Mounted D-rings
    Hook up to the pre-mounted D-rings and tighten the belt to attach the RowVista® or RowMotion® Rowing Skid to the AIRKAYAK 16'.

    ☑ Easy-Mount Fin
    Fin keeps the AIRKAYAK 16' on course while rowing (no tools required).

    ☑Solid Bow and Stern
    The dynamic V shape and the solid hard shell bow and stern ensure effortless gliding, speed, and excellent handling. The air kayak offers side stability thanks to its U-shaped cross-section in the middle of the kayak. Ergonomically placed handles make it easy to carry.

     ☑ Multi-Sport Functionality
    The Air Kayak 16 is primarily sold as a rowing shell for use with the ROWonAIR Universal Rowing Unit but has an added bonus. Add some paddles and install the included kayak seats and the Air Kayak becomes a family kayak for exploration!

    ☑ Multiple Seat Positions (RowMotion)
    AirKayak 16' has three seat position options.



    AirKayak 16' Innovations

    AirKayak 16' Rowing Kayak Technical Specs

    Package Includes

    Inflatable AIRKAYAK 16'
    Air Kayak 16 Backpack
    ☑ Pump
    5.4” Fin
    ☑ Repair kit
    ☑ Strap

    ROWONAIR Boards

      Mojo 18 Dude 18 Air Kayak 16 Lite 15
    Overall Length 18' 18' 16' 15'
    Width 26" 30" 34" 26"
    Boat Weight 25.1 lbs 28.2 lbs 43.5 lbs 21 lbs
    Carry Capacity 441 lbs 529 lbs 551 lbs 353 lbs
    Rowing Style Single, Tandem Single, Tandem Single, Tandem, Passenger Single
    Pressure 16–18 psi 16–18 psi 10 psi 16–18 psi
    Bottom Shape 4" V-Bottom 4" V-Bottom Flat Bottom 4" V-Bottom
    Bag Sizes 28” x 22” x 12”     32” x 22” x 12”                  34” x 22” x 14” 28” x 16” x 12”

    ROWONAIR Universal Rowing Units

    RowMotion                                                                                   RowVista

    Optional Extras

    ☑ HIKO Dry Bag              ☑ Triple Action Hand Pump                         ☑ Low Angle Aluminum Kayak Paddle                   ☑ High Angle Fiberglass Carbon Kayak Paddle

    ☑ Collapsible Dolly

    Check all RowOn Air Accessories here! 

    How to Assemble the RowOnAir AirKayak16'?

    Click here for Owner's Manual

    ROWonAIR provides a 24-month warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.

    ROWonAIR is a subsidiary of Row & Sail, which is also the parent company, and creator of X-Cat sailboats. This means that you can expect ROWonAIR products to be backed by a team of innovators that sets out to exceed expectations in all aspects of boat ownership.

     ROWonAIR sources only the best materials for their boats and rowing units. The most discerning customer will appreciate the fit, finish, and attention to detail on ROWonAIR products. As an owner, you’ll appreciate that ROWonAIR runs all of their products through a rigorous testing process by their team and with professionals until they are 100% satisfied.

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