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2 Kids in Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
Bouncer - Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
Bouncer - Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
Bouncer - Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
Bouncer - Rave Sports Northwood's Bongo Bouncer 10 - 10' Springless Water Bouncer 02086
3 step ladder
RAVE's Anchor Connector Kit

Rave Sports - Bongo 10 Northwoods

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Dec 14 and Dec 17. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Get your Rave Bongo 10' Water Bouncer today and enhance your summer fun! The versatility, durability, and performance of this water bouncer will make your days on the water more fun and have you coming back for more.


    If you spend time on a lake, river, or ocean, why not enhance your fun? The Rave Bongo Water Bouncer is a fun addition to your water activities that will have you coming back for more. Lightweight and high performing, this inflatable water bouncer is perfect for summer vacations. In addition to a water bouncer, it also makes a great floating swim platform to jump into the water from, use as a launch point for wakeboarders and other activities, or just relax on.

    The Rave Bongo Water Bouncer has no springs or frames which is what separates it from a water trampoline. You still get a fun water bounce platform for jumping, and water bouncers have a slightly more bounce surface. Your jumps may not be quite as high as on a water trampoline such as the Aqua Jump Eclipse, but without the springs it is a little safer for kids. It can even be used on land as a safer bouncer for the backyard, or at the beach.

    Rave Bongo Water Bouncer Sizes

     The Bongo 10 is our smallest water bouncer with a 10-foot diameter and it is designed for one (1) adult or two (2) children, up to 500 pounds.

     The Bongo 13 is the next step up, the water bouncer has a 13-foot diameter and it is designed for two (2) adults or four (4) children, up to 700 pounds.

     The Bongo 15 is the mid-size Rave Bongo Water Bouncer, it has a 15-foot diameter and it is designed for three (3) adults or six (6) children up to a total of 1050 pounds.

    Available Attachments
    + Aqua Slide 
    + Aqua Log
    + Aqua Launch
    + Rope Swing
    + Slidewalk

     The Bongo 20 is the largest of the Rave Bongo Water Bouncer series, it has a 20-foot diameter and it is designed for five (5) adults or ten (10) children up to a total of 1500 pounds.

    The Rave Bongo Water Bouncers also come in a Northwood's edition that is great for cabins or lakefront homes that want their waterfront to blend into the natural habitat. The only difference between the traditional yellow and blue and the Northwood's option is the earthy green and tan color.

    You can quickly and easily maximize your summer fun by making your Rave water bouncer into a water park! They have a couple of easy additions available as a water park package and more that you can add on. The Bongo 10 and Bongo 13 Water Parks include the Bongo Water Bouncer, Small Aqua Slide, and Small Aqua Log. The Bongo 15 and Bongo 20 Water Parks include the Water Bouncer, Aqua Slide, and Aqua Launch. There is just no stopping this fun machine!

    Water Trampoline vs. Bongo Bouncer: What's the difference?

    Trampolines are best for jumping; Bouncers are best for bouncing, playing, and swimming. Water Trampolines have springs and Bongo Water Bouncer do not have springs.

    Water trampolines, like their land-based cousins, have springs that connect the jumping surface to the supporting trampoline structure and provide the best jumping experience. Bongo Water Bouncers, on the other hand, connect the jumping surface directly to the inflatable tube with interlacing nylon rope, which allows for easier set-up and less weight, but less "jump".




     Commercial grade reinforced PVC construction featuring 22oz 1000 Denier PVC material and heat welded seams resulting in a durable and high performing water bouncer.

     Protected with a UV-Protective Treatment that also protects against mold and mildew. This makes your water bouncer durable and long-lasting, all while looking good too.

     Easily position your water bouncer on the water and leave it for the summer, or easily pack it with you to set up and use for the day. The water bouncer inflates and deflates quickly.

     Seamless attachment of the jumping surface to the tube gives the water bouncer a wider bounce area than a water trampoline. Although it may result is slightly less bounce, with no springs it is also safer than a water trampoline.

     It also can be used as a comfortable and fun floating swim platform. You can use it as a launch point for water sports activities, fun and safe spots to jump into the water, or a comfortable place to relax.

     Features alternating color panels, 8 for the Bongo 10, 10 for the Bongo 13 and 15, and 14 for the Bongo 20. This gives you a water bouncer that is good looking.

     Bongo Water Bouncers are designed for water, but can also be used on land. This gives you a safer trampoline for the beach or backyard.


    ☑ Standard w/ Aqua Log Small Northwood 02098 
    ☑ Standard w/ Aqua Slide Small Northwoods 02096
    ☑ Standard w/ Aqua Launch Northwoods 02090 
    ☑ Standard w/High-Speed Inflator/Deflator 01083


    3 step ladder included
    10 alternating panels

    Warranty Limited 30 day
    ☑ Weight 3.300000




     34 sq. ft. bounce surface
     10' x 26" inflated
     Max Capacity: 1 adult or 2 children up to 500 lbs. max
     3 step ladder included
     8-10 min. set-up
     8-foot water depth required
     35-45 lbs. recommended anchor weight
     37 lbs. product weight

    Bongo 10 13 Owners Manual.pdf (1.06 MB) Warning for California Residents

    Anchoring Tips and Tricks

    When anchoring your RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline, it’s important to consider your lake, ocean or river bottom.

    • If your water bottom is sandy or rocky, we suggest using an earth anchor that screws into the ground.
    • If it is weedy, muddy, or mucky, most people buy septic tank covers or cinder blocks and some chain at their local hardware store and attach to RAVE’s Anchor Connector Kit (pictured here).

    Anchor safely and effectively with RAVE's Anchor Connector Kit. This three-part connecting system is flexible to allow your water platform to react to waves and wind, yet firm enough to prevent runaways.

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