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WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
People have a good time with the WaterBlob® Classic Blob®.
A child jumping in the WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
WaterBlob Classic Blob
WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
Children jumping in the WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
A girl jumping in the WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
WaterBlob Classic Blob
WaterBlob® Classic Blob®
WaterBlob® Classic Blob®

WaterBlob Classic Blob

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 17 and Jun 24. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush.
    The Classic WaterBlob® has less downtime and higher flight heights. This Blob comes in three sizes: 30'x 10', 35'x 10', and 40'x10'. And will surely be an excellent addition to any waterfront at your resort or camp.

    The Classis is the choice for Camps & Resorts!


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    The Classic WaterBlobs® are produced in two layers.  The WaterBlob® starts with a sturdy PVC core that is then further protected with an additional covering made of durable PVC. 

    Imitations are often constructed with only a single balloon of low-quality PVC, which creates an extreme risk of rupture and injury.

    Straight from Camp Hope. The Classic WaterBlob® will catapult any camp or resort to the next level of excellent guest experience.  Safely and reliably launching people into lakes and oceans since 1985. Featured in the movie Heavyweights, the WaterBlob® is sure to be a hit at any camp or resort!

    WaterBlob® Classic Blob®

    Recommended Platform Height

    The Blob sits up 6' from the water.  
    Use 303 Marine Protectant Before Use and at the end of the season to keep your BLOB vibrant and supple for years to come!



    ☑ 30 ft  long
    ☑ 10 feet wide
    ☑ Commercial Grade
    ☑ Double Ply


    ☑ 35 ft long
    ☑ 10 ft wide
    ☑ Commercial Grade
    ☑ Double Ply


     40 ft long
    ☑ 10 ft. wide
    ☑ Commercial Grade
    ☑ Double Ply


    8 Bungee Shock Cords 

    The Original WaterBlobs® versus the “fake Blobs”

    There has been a huge influx of “fake Blobs” popping up here and there. Many are even calling them BLOBS. We want to assure you that Springfield Special Products is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the Blobs® (aka WaterBlob®), in addition to the recently released Week-Ender WaterBlob® for 35 years.

    Springfield will not settle for any less than the best for its customers. We realize it would save money in the short term to purchase a knockoff because they are cheaper, but Springfield Special Products will not manufacture a cheaply made product. Some Blobs® have lasted 15 years or more. We are very proud that the WaterBlobs® are made entirely right here in the USA.

    Blobs are all custom-made to your specifications. You may call us with your specifications and colors and we can give you a quote.

    Click here for Blob's Manual