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Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat tang yellow
Man standing on the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
Man riding on the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
Man sitting on the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat blue
Man riding the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
People doing watersports with the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat set
People riding the Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat
Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat at the side of the lake

Takacat T260LX 8'6" Inflatable Boat - Tang Yellow

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 27 and Jul 04. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The Takacat T260LX Inflatable Boat is the go-anywhere ultra-compact boat. A perfect yacht tender and small personal craft—a lightweight and innovative dinghy. 

    Built like no other in its class! Whether it's fishing, a day trip, diving, tender for your yacht, flood relief, motorhome use or just to have some family fun in the water, Takacat Inflatable Catamarans are just the perfect companion. Takacat high-performance, cost-effective, portable inflatable catamarans are capable of doing the job for you.  


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    All the Takacat Series Boats are lightweight, versatile, extremely durable, portable, and ultra-compact making these boats easily transportable wherever you go. 

    Portability and light weight make T260LX an ideal small watercraft for couples or solo boaters for fishing and have nearly limitless other uses. The small size makes it a breeze to inflate and be out on the water in minutes. From small lakes to salt water, this boat is a go-to for any water excursion.

     The Takacat Advantage

    Each Takacat inflatable catamaran is packed with unique features, making the most innovative inflatable boats on the market.

     ☑ Ultra Portable
    Easily packs down into 2 lightweight storage carry bags. Simply put it in the back of your car or easily store it anywhere. All storage bags are vented.

    ☑ Fast & Stable
    One of the key features is the super stable ride you will have with a Takacat. Not only is it stable, but it also means that your passengers and cargo stay safe.

    ☑  Fast-Draining Open Bow and Tube Transom®
    The unique fast-draining removable open Tube Transom® not only allows for easy portability but also means fast draining.

    ☑ Durable Hull
    All Takacat boat models are single seamed making less and are available in both PVC and Hypalon fabric construction. Standard tubes are fabricated from durable custom-made 0.9mm, 1000 denier PVC. All PVC Takacats have welded tubes and all Hypalon Takacats have glued tubes within Asia & Middle East.

    ☑ Open Bow Design
    The open bow & rigid air deck floor makes getting on or off your Takacat effortless from anywhere. Great for small children and pets.

    Innovative Features of the Takacat LX

    The smart and functional design comes standard with every Takacat model. Takacat never settles for the second best, and always has high-quality design and solid materials as their top priority. It’s who they are, and they're proud of it.

    Top View            Side View           Bottom View

    The T260LX is great for Multiple Activities

    Small size and portability make the Takacat T260LX the swiss army knife of portable inflatable boats. Stable, light, and practical, this versatile shape-shifter is as capable as a boat tender as it is to fishing backwater and rowing for exercise. From small lakes to salt water, this boat is a go-to for any water excursion.

    Fishing                Search and Rescue              Boat Tender            RV

    T260LX Specifications

    Boat Specifications Comparison

    Package Includes

    Every Takacat comes with:
    ☑ 1 Set of Tubes
    ☑ 1 Tube Transom® Assembly
    ☑ 1 Inflatable Seat
    ☑ 1 Manual Pump & Gauge
    ☑ 1 Repair Kit (no glue)
    ☑ 2 Oars
    ☑ 2 Carry Bags
    ☑ Air Floor

    Optional Extras

    ☑ Quick Release Wheels
    The quick-release wheels can be deployed in just seconds and make launching and retrieving your Takacat boat effortless. The wheels also allow for the installation of the outboard in the vertical position as the extra height prevents the outboard from touching the ground. Deploy the wheels while beaching to prevent propeller collision with the ground.

    ☑ Takacat Deluxe Inflator Pump
    Takacat Deluxe Inflator Pump makes inflating your Takacat Boat, Paddleboard, or Kayak super easy.

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    How to Set Up Your Takacat Lite X?   Click here for instructions in a pdf file.

    How to Pack Away Your Takacat Lite X?  Click here for instructions in a pdf file.

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