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Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device
Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device
Man wearing Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device
Man throwing the Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device to the man on the water
Man pulling the man from the water with the Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device

Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 18 and Jun 25. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device is a complete rescue and recovery device for multiple scenarios and platforms.

    It is a throwable, inflatable rescue device for all-season water and ice rescue that has incorporated lifting capability. 

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    Switlik TechFloat - Inflatable Rescue Device can be deployed to a distressed person-in-water from a distance using a drone. The inflatable is removed from the valise and attached to the drone, flown above and dropped to the victim. The underarm flotation device activates upon hitting the water and the victim can swim in. 

    It is worn with an over-the-shoulder strap, which connects the rescuer directly to the victim and leaves both hands free. The inflatable is removed from its valise, and easily thrown to the victim. The unit comes with 100 feet of highly durable floating line and has water-activated inflation. After activation, the victim places the inflated bladder around themselves, and the rescuer is free to retrieve the victim by means of the line attached between them.
    UAS/Drone Rescue, Deliver underarm flotation device to victim at a distance.


    The floating line stays connected to the victim and the rescuer and is available in 100 ft. or 200 ft. lengths and is used to retrieve the victim. 

     ☑ Access hard to reach areas
    ☑ Perform search and rescue missions in all weather
    ☑ Protect rescue team from potential risks in having to enter water

    ☑ Available with 100 or 200 ft. of 1/4" High Visibility Multi-filament Polypropylene Floating Line (Yellow) with avg. break strength of 1,700 lbs.
    ☑ Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) with 35+ Lbs. of inflated buoyancy
    ☑ Quick-disconnect snap shackle attached to the shoulder strap for use in swift water rescue scenarios. Can be used to tie-off unit to a stationary object.
    ☑ Webbing enclosed over-the-shoulder straplkwh connects rescuer directly to the Person in Water (PIW) and leaves both hands free to assist in rescue.
    ☑ Water-Activated auto-inflation system
    ☑ 1,600 lb. lifting strength for hoisting PIW out of water.

    **Self-rearming kits available that include replacement cylinder and inflation bobbin

    Applicable in multiple scenarios and platforms but not limited to:
    ☑ Swift Water
    ☑ Still Water
    ☑ Ice
    ☑ High Angle
    ☑ UAS/Drone Rescue


    ☑ Bag Dimensions: 13in L x 8in H x 5in W
    ☑ Weight: 4.5lbs. packed for 100' cord, 6lbs. for 200' cord
    ☑ Bag Material: Coated Nylon
    ☑ Bag Color: Orange/Black
    ☑ Line Material: 1/4" Multi-filament Polypropylene Floating Line
    ☑ Horseshoe Material: Double Coated Polyurethane Nylon (210D)
    ☑ Buoyancy: 35+ lbs. (Horseshoe)
    ☑ Chest Straps: 1 1/2" Nylon Webbing with Quick Release Buckle
    ☑ Inflation: Replaceable 33g CO2 Cylinder
    Techfloat Re-arm kit: p/n S-4121-1
    ☑ Repacking: One or two re-arm kits should be carried aboard. The Techfloat is easy to re-arm and the owner should become familiar
    ☑ Storage: Store Techfloat in cool, dry location. DO NOT STORE where the unit could get wet

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