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Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft

Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 15 and Jul 22. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Introducing the pinnacle of maritime safety, Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft is your ultimate guardian on the high seas.

    Engineered with precision and crafted for unrivaled durability, this life-saving vessel is designed to withstand the most challenging transoceanic conditions.

    Boasting a robust inflatable structure, the raft provides a secure haven in emergencies, ensuring peace of mind for sailors and adventurers alike.

    5 Year Service

    See All Switlik Liferafts Here

    Questions?  Call Us: 706.619.6670 or 833.582.6287

    Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft MKII is the marine version of the air-droppable life raft (Model LRU-20) we design for the United States coast guard's helicopters and fixed wing aircraft along with the Royal Australian Air Force.

    It is the world’s finest blue water offshore life raft. As the choice of numerous professional search and rescue teams around the world, the SAR-6 is built from the bottom-up to keep you safe and give you peace of mind in any sea conditions. This rugged transoceanic life raft is constructed of our Nylon-HD upgraded tube fabric and features an auto erecting convertible canopy, twin oversized tubes, and the patented Toroidal Stability Device for the ultimate stability. The boat shape design of the SAR-6 provides extra leg room for six people and offers the highest level of stability and protection from the elements, while our unique canopy design circulates fresh air throughout to mitigate seasickness and keep morale high


    All SWITLIK life rafts offer a first-of-its- kind 5- year Service Interval. Learn More..

    With SWITLIK’s Air Charge Inflation System you can be confident that your raft is charged and ready to go. Learn more..

    The Convertible Canopy System, with multiple boarding points, allows for rapid and unobstructed boarding during an emergency, without having to enter the water. Learn more..

    Toroidal Stability Device (TSD) is the best design in the industry for stabilizing a life raft. Learn more..

    Heat sealed construction means that your raft will last season after season and continue to provide you with the peace of mind that your family and crew are safe. Learn more..

    ☑ Two (2) boarding steps with reinforced floating ladders
    ☑ Twin independent buoyancy tubes - The high freeboard keeps the water out while the independent chambers provide redundancy in case of a tube failure.
    ☑ Nylon-HD (840 denier) Buoyancy Tubes Coated on Both Sides with Abrasion Resistant Urethane featuring over-lapped seams taped inside and out
    ☑ SOLAS-grade reflective tape and patches located all around the raft
    ☑ Water collector in canopy
    ☑ Automatically activated Exterior Light
    ☑ Automatically activated Interior Light
    ☑ Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)


    HDPE Hard Case:
    Weight: 98 lb. (44 kg.)
    Dimensions: 37” (L) x 24” (W) x 14” (H)
    Material: Roto Molded HDPE
    Aluminum Cradle Material: AL 6463 T55
    Life Raft:
    Buoyancy in Fresh Water: 1,560lbs. (707 kg.)
    Buoyancy in Salt Water: 1,600lbs. (726 kg.)
    Inflated Raft Dimensions: 99" (L) x 69" (W) x 48.5" (H)
    Floor Area (Total): 24.5 sq. ft. (2.3 sq. m)
    Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +160°F (-30°C and +66°C)
    Inflation system: Air
    Buoyancy tube fabric: 420 Denier Double Coated Nylon


    **Weight may vary depending upon options.
    **Optional Cradle will extend the overall installed height and width dimensions of the Hard Container by approximately two inches.
    **Weight includes Cradle, Hydrostatic Release, and Inflatable Floor.
    **Weight includes Inflatable Floor.
    **Abandon Ship Bag Weight and Dimensions Include Additional Equipment Required by ISO 9650, Part 1, Equipment Pack 1 (>24 hours).

    **Specifications are subject to change without notice.


    There is no one universal method of rating raft capacities (see here). In fact, there are several different methods and governmental agencies worldwide that rate the capacity of a life raft based on the following criteria: usable floor area, inflated buoyancy, size of an average individual, and their concept of how long someone might be in the raft before rescuenot to mention how you find yourself to be there, i.e. from a sinking vessel or a ditched aircraft.

    As a result, SWITLIK takes the position that a life raft's capacity is truly defined by its total size in floor area and inflated buoyancy. How many "people" that translates into depends upon your usage and interpretation of the above criteria.  A raft that might safely support 6 or 8 people in an emergency for 24 hours will seem a lot smaller for a transoceanic passage where rescue might be weeks in coming.

    Package Includes

    Standard Equipment Pack

    ☑ Waterproof Solar Powered Flashlight
    ☑ Manual Inflation Pump
    ☑ Bailing Bucket
    ☑ Mirror
    ☑ Sponges (2)
    ☑ Whistle
    ☑ Paddles (2)
    ☑ Handheld Flare (3)
    ☑ Parachute Flare
    ☑ First Aid Kit*
    ☑ Seasick Pills (qty. 36)*
    ☑ Can Opener
    ☑ Drinking Cup
    ☑ Repair Clamps (2)
    ☑ Water (8 packs)
    ☑ Survival Kit Bag
    ☑ Scout knife
    ☑ Water collection bag
    ☑ Survival Manual

    Additional Items in Extended Equipment Pack

    ☑ Sunscreen
    ☑ Water (8 packs)
    ☑ Additional Sea Anchor
    ☑ Compass
    ☑ Dye Marker
    (Military Specification/Mil-S-17980)
    ☑ Fishing Kit
    ☑ Food Rations 60,000 kJ.
    ☑ Additional Parachute Flare
    ☑ Survival Kit Dry Bag

    Optional Extra

    ☑ Anodized Aluminum Deck Mounting Cradle

    Optional Cradle will extend the overall installed height and width dimensions of the Hard Container by approximately two inches.

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