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Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat
Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat
Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat
Men riding the Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat

Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 15 and Jul 22. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Be ready with the quickest, most effective, and easily deployable emergency response boat on the market! The Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat proves invaluable in crucial operations, ranging from search and rescue missions to emergency response, and marine research to addressing floodwaters.


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    Crafted with durable, high-quality materials, this boat boasts unparalleled buoyancy and stability, ensuring swift and safe navigation in challenging waters. Its inflatable design makes it easily transportable, swiftly deploying in moments of crisis. With a capacity for multiple passengers and equipped with secure harnesses, it guarantees the safety of both rescuers and the rescued. Versatile, reliable, and portable, this inflatable rescue boat stands ready as an essential tool for any water-based emergency.

    Equipped with speed tubes for increased speed and superior handling, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and with unmatched agility and control. With its advanced inflatable technologies, it unfolds and inflates in mere moments to get you on the water fast. Saving valuable time during critical situations. Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat is the ultimate quick-deploy emergency solution for Search and Rescue, Firefighters, and other response groups.


    ☑ The Hull
    Swellfish Inflatable Rescue Boat features a multi-chamber hull of three drop stitch parts. When fully inflated, this creates an ultra-deep V shape that provides excellent wave handling, comparable to a rigid inflatable boat.  The structure of the hull eliminates the need for an extra floor, making it quicker and easier to deploy as a rescue craft.

    ☑ Built For Speed
    In situations where lives are at risk, getting to your destination quickly is crucial. The addition of speed tubes to your rescue boat reduces drag for increased efficiency but also improves handling and navigation in waterways. The Speed Tubes with their unique deep V Hull design create an agile and fast response craft.

    ☑ Lightest Design in its class
    They prioritized compact design, lightweight, and quick setup for their product. To ensure durability, they collaborated with industry experts. Their ultra-light material is a variation of their German-made material, maintaining strength while reducing weight. The pre-installed integrated drop stitch floor and lightweight material allow for easy setup by a single team member.


    ☑ Upgraded Thermo-Welding techniques making the tubes more airtight and allows for  higher tube pressure.
    ☑ Same M-type hull for great maneuverability and added top speed.
    ☑ Reinforced hull and bow increasing the wear resistance and puncture resistance.
    ☑ Upgraded to our Ultralight style Aluminum Transom.
    ☑ Added eight 3M waterproof reflective strips on the hull of the boat.
    ☑ One auxiliary rope package for self-rescue during capsizing.
    ☑ Added engine kit pocket at the stern of the boat.
    ☑ Changed to a one-way dual drainage port for fast water evacuation from the boat.

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    Optional Extras

    ☑ Swellfish Launching Wheels

    ☑ Swellfish Classic Series Freshwater Angler Kit

    ☑ Bravo BPT Air Pump

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    The Swellfish team is very proud to offer the most straightforward and in-depth warranty in the industry. Simply put, all Classics come with a 4-year all-inclusive warranty. As long as it is a manufacturing defect on any part of the boat, it is covered. What do they not cover? Intentional damage, misuse of the boat, and damage due to neglect.

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