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Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter
Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter
People preparing to dive underwater with the Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter
Man carrying the Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter
Man enjoying underwater with the Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter

Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter

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    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Discover the exhilarating freedom of underwater exploration with the Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter. 

    Glide effortlessly beneath the waves as this single-turbine drive you through the depths with ease.

    Its sleek, ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling while diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the underwater world.

    Unleash your inner explorer and experience a new dimension of underwater travel with the Sublue Vapor Pump-Jet Underwater Scooter.

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    See All Sea Scooters Here 

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    Determined to create a new lifestyle of exploring the underwater worlds, Sublue designs and manufactures innovative underwater scooters and drones in the forefront of industrial technology research and development. 

    Sublue’s two innovative product lines redefine enjoyment of discovering underwater worlds with over 190 technical patents supported for life adventures, travelers and environmentalists.

    By constantly recreating its products, Sublue provides the most technologically advanced and user-first experience for all its consumers. The portable, compact devices are incredibly powerful and create a unique underwater experience.

    Ready to embark on the ultimate underwater adventure? Look no further! Meet the Sublue Vapor, the groundbreaking Pump-Jet Sublue Vapor – a compact marvel set to transform your aquatic explorations.

    Fueled by state-of-the-art ALO 2.0 (Active Loop Optimization) technology, Sublue Vapor propulsor's ingenuity sets unprecedented standards. Outfitted with a 6-blade impeller and a 12-blade rear guide vane, it masterfully translates torque into an exhilarating surge of forward momentum, granting you unrivaled control and excitement.


    Unleash Effortless Aquatic Mastery with Streamlined Design

    Experience aquatic freedom like never before with Sublue Vapor cutting-edge streamlined design – a blend of innovation and efficiency that redefines your underwater journey. Its spindle-shaped body effortlessly glides through water, while the hydrodynamic buoyancy chamber minimizes disruptions, enabling you to explore deeper and glide further. Say hello to a new level of underwater movement where speed, performance, and comfort converge seamlessly.

    Immersive LED Display: Your Underwater Dashboard

    Step into a world of information and control with Sublue Vapor immersive LED screen, serving as your underwater dashboard. Stay connected to your adventure by easily tracking battery levels, speed, bearing, water temperature, and depth. Tailor settings to your liking, ensuring a personalized and enriched underwater journey.

    Dynamic Speed Customization: Dive into the Thrill Zone

    Experience the pulse-pounding excitement of Sublue Vapor customizable speed control, propelling you through the depths at your desired velocity. Feel the rush as you glide effortlessly or rev up for a heart-pounding journey – the choice is yours. Immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonder, where every surge of speed unlocks a new level of aquatic exhilaration. 

    Advanced Depth Management for a Confident Dive

    Take charge of your underwater exploration with its sophisticated depth management system. Sublue Vapor customize reachable depths to match your skill level, backed by critical alerts that notify you when limits are approached. Additionally, its intelligent over-depth speed limitation ensures a controlled descent, optimizing stability and safety during deeper dives. Whether you're a novice or experienced diver, this feature guarantees a secure and enriching underwater experience like no other.

    Optimal Depth Change Rate Alert: Seamlessly Navigate Depths up to 131 ft.

    Embark on underwater exploration with utmost confidence, guided by Sublue Vapor innovative depth change rate alert feature, ensuring both comfort and safety. Sudden depth changes can induce discomfort or even decompression sickness, which is why our system empowers you to set a controlled rate of depth change while receiving critical alerts upon nearing thresholds. With our recommended maximum descent speed of 18m/min and ascent speed of 9m/min, transitions are effortlessly smooth, allowing you to fully enjoy depths up to 131 ft.

    Unleash the Power with Detachable Battery and Revolutionary Super-Fast Charging

    Elevate your underwater escapades with the ultimate convenience of a detachable battery, boasting a rated voltage of 29.6V and an impressive 13000mAh capacity, providing a substantial 384.8Wh of energy. Sublue Vapor robust battery not only fuels your adventures but also enables the unit to run for up to 60 minutes, ensuring extended exploration. Prioritizing your safety, it comes equipped with protective measures against overcharging, over-discharge, overcurrent, short-circuits, and discharge monitoring. Dive into the depths with confidence, empowered by innovation and security, making every underwater moment count. And that's not all – experience uninterrupted thrills with our cutting-edge Super-Fast Charging technology. Charge your device from 0% to 85% in just 1 hour, and swiftly reach full power from 85% to 100% in a mere 0.5 hours. Stay fully charged and ready to explore the depths in no time, immersing yourself in the aquatic wonderland.

    Smart Connectivity and Data Sharing 

    Effortlessly link to your smartphone for seamless data sharing, including depth, temperature, rate of depth change, and location information during your aquatic journey.



    Sublue products come with a 1-year warranty on devices and 6 months on motion systems (motor, electric speed controller, propeller, and bearing) and batteries unless otherwise stated. 

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