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ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit
ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit
ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit
ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit | Nose
ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit | Beam

ScubaJet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Mar 30 and Apr 02. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Save Up to $461.64! Buy any SCUBJET Kit and get a Free upgrade to the ALL-IN-ONE Kit. T!he ALL-IN-ONE Kit adds a Free DHC Dual Hand Controller/Remote Control to allow you to snorkel, dive, SUP, kayaking, etc

    With The Scubajet Pro XR HD Overwater Scooter Kit, You Can Propel a kayak Or Paddleboard up to 7mph. It is designed for high speeds, maneuverability, and long run-time. Its Extended battery gives you a longer run time.  ScubaJet Pro XR HD™ is ideal for commercial purposes where extended runtime and no Air Travel is needed

    Featured in the latest Michael Bay movie "6 FT Underground". Honored to be a part of the 150 Million US Dollar action thriller, which is by the way one of the most expensive Netflix production in history too.

    With Scubajet's new cutting edge technology In Design And Engineering A New Legacy Is Born. Whether it’s the jet impeller technology, eco-friendly engines, modular battery composition, or marine-grade aluminum housing; SCUBAJET bears the hallmark of quality and innovation.

    With SCUBAJET you can reach greater depths on your dive, propel yourself forward with less effort when you snorkel, power your SUP or kayak to travel greater distances, and more. Almost any water-sports equipment can easily convert to a jet-powered water-craft within seconds. The optional camera mount enables stunning footage, and the optional LED light illuminates your night's adventure.

     The new SCUBAJET PRO's aluminum construction is 30% more efficient and the diving depth is extended by 50% to a total of up to 60 meters (196 feet). Powered with two Smart Battery modules, giving up to 2 hours runtime. The weight of the SCUBAJET PRO is its biggest advantage weighing in at 8.1 lbs. The diving depth is extended by 50% for a total of up to 196 feet.  It is incredibly easy to transport.



    • Motor Unit Power: 1,000W
    • Depth rating: 200ft | 60m
    • Speed Overwater: up to 7mph | 11km/h
    • Speed Underwater: up to 6.56ft/s | 2m/s
    • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
    • Battery capacity: 400Wh
    • Battery runtime: up to 4h


     ☑ Versatile SCUBAJET Concept

    The SCUBAJET PRO dive scooter has a  compact torpedo shape and a matt-black design give it a very high-end look. The eco-friendly jet engine is the latest generation of water jet motors and dive scooters. It is an emission-free motor using impeller technology instead of conventional propulsion systems without compromising performance. The 360° water intake guarantees optimal efficiency and turns every water sports equipment into high-performance gear.


     ☑ Extended Smart Battery Pack

    Maximize the fun with the 400 wh internal battery pack and stay on the water for up to 4 hours. Take your SCUBAJET PRO on the ultimate power trip with this reliable and long-lasting battery. This battery is a must-have for divers and water sports fans who spend a lot of time on the water and away from the power socket. The 400 wh non-airplane legal batteries consist of one module and are not allowed to bring on an aircraft.


    ☑ ScubaJet Remote Controller Overwater Kit


    Extend your SCUBAJET with our Remote Controller Bundle and Finbox adapter to turn your dive scooter into a powerful electric motor for your SUP. It can be mounted and connected with a few easy steps and you are ready to get in action. Our bundle automatically includes a Slide-in adapter – the most versatile plug


    ☑ SCUBAJET Rail

    A versatile mounting system for essential accessories. You can now mount almost any type of camera, underwater housing rig, and many others to this SCUBAJET rail giving infinite possibilities for your creative mind.



    • (1) 400Wh HD BATTERY
    • RC – Remote Controller Overwater Kit 
    • Fin Box Adapter for US & Slide-In Fin Boxes

    Optional Extras

     ☑ Optional LED Nose Light

    You can have the option to mount a LED Nose Light and with just a push of a button, you can have a light that delivers 500 up to 1500 lumens with a depth rating of 196 ft. It is the perfect addition for night diving, cave, wreck diving, and even when diving in limited visibility.



    ☑ Scuba Jet Shield -3 Year Extended Warranty

    The SCUBAJET Extended Limited Warranty covers your SCUBAJET and the accessories that come with it against manufacturing defects for three years beginning on the purchase date. Your batteries are covered for one year beginning on the purchase date.

    ☑ PRO Dual Hand Dive Controller 

    Its brand new PRO Dual Hand  Dive Controller was built to assure perfect control in and under the water. It has a 2.4 LED display that shows all the information like power consumption, diving depth, temperature, and battery runtime. Works without electricity contact and fully protected against corrosion, virtually maintenance-free.


    Scuba Jet Pro XR HD Over/Under Water Scooter Components


     User Manual and Warranty Terms


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