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Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock Cedar decking
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock poly decking
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock brown aluminum
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock
Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock

Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock

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    "Seamless Mobility, Limitless Possibilities: Unleash Your Docking Experience!"

    Introducing the Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock with 12"deep aluminum truss frames, the perfect solution for creating a beautiful and durable waterfront space.

    Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame and featuring premium colored decking, this dock offers both strength and natural beauty. Its modular design allows for easy customization, making it an ideal choice for any waterfront property.

    Transform your shoreline into a picturesque retreat with the Patriot Docks 16' Straight Roll-in Dock!

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    Patriot Docks' Rolling dock systems can be easily moved in and out of the water with the changing seasons or water levels. The dock is constructed with a durable aluminum frame, which provides strength and stability. The aluminum construction also ensures that the dock is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds.

    Basic dock packages include one pair of wheels on the lake end of the dock. Additional wheels can be added throughout the dock to alleviate lifting or to help distribute the weight of longer docks. 

    Its modular dock frames utilize custom aluminum profiles and professional engineering, to create a very strong yet lightweight dock design that is simple and easy to assemble.

    The 4’x8′ frames bolt together which allows for exceptional versatility and customization. Full 12″ high truss work allows for more land on the support pipe creating a very rigid structure. Additional sections can be added to create any style or configuration, including “T” and “U” shapes as well as fingers and slips. Don’t break your back any longer – roll in your dock!


    Patriot Docks has been perfecting dock craftsmanship for over 20 years. As a multi-generational family business, they know the value of time, so one of their greatest values is to make purchasing and owning a dock easy enough to save time for your loved ones. 

    ☑ Easy to Install
    Patriot Docks Rolling docks are easier and quicker to install. They come in modular designs that can be assembled and disassembled with relative ease. This feature reduces construction time and allows for faster deployment or removal of the dock as required.

     ☑ Very Durable
    Patriot Docks Rolling docks are constructed with durable materials and designed to withstand the challenges of marine environments. They are resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, and water damage, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance requirements.

    ☑ Adaptability
    Patriot Docks Rolling docks can adapt to various waterfront configurations and environments. They can be used in shallow or deep water, on rivers, lakes, and even in areas with uneven or rocky bottoms. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of waterfront properties.

     Types of Rolling Docks

    Straight Rolling Dock                                                 Patio Rolling Dock


    Patriot Docks have been the family craft for a generation. Explore the general specifications of their materials for HOA or permit requirements or for peace of mind, knowing that Patriot docks are built to last. 

    Patriot’s basic aluminum rolling dock packages include one pair of 24" wheels on the lake end of the dock. 12-in. deep aluminum truss frames are expertly crafted with welded and bolted connections. Patriot Docks uses sturdy 7/16”- diameter aluminum chord rods, not ⅜” like most of their competitors. Each pipe is constructed from 1-1/2" schedule 40 electro-galvanized steel, not lighter weight steel tubing. For added strength and durability, Patriot Dock's pipe brackets are extra long with two - not one - stainless steel set bolts.

    Standard post lengths at given dock lengths: <16' = 4' supports, 16'-32' = 6' supports, >32' = 8' supports.

     Available Colors

    Patriot Docks’ Cedar decking is available in pre-assembled 4’ x 4’ panels which drop in and allow for easy handling. They also offer aluminum decking panels that have been painted to resemble wood and will complement any outdoor environment. The textured surface of the Poly decking is designed that allows for water drainage and stays cool to the touch while providing additional traction to safely navigate wet surfaces.

    Package Includes

    Patriot Dock Packages are standard dock configurations that work for most residential dock applications. These complete kits have all the parts and hardware you need to build your dock. Note specifications on shoreline and water depth and floating dock anchoring.

    ☑ (2) 4 x 8 Frames
    ☑ (4) 4 x 4 Deck Panels
    ☑ (1) End Rail
    ☑ (2) Post Brackets
    ☑ (2) 4' Posts
    ☑ (2) Vinyl Caps for posts
    ☑ Nuts and Bolts
    ☑ (2) 24" Plastic Dock Wheels
    ☑ (1) Axle Converters (Pair)
    ☑ (1) HD Stop Clamps (Pair)
    ☑ (1) 8'6" Axle Pipe

    Optional Extras

    ☑ Patriot Docks Shore Ramp

    ☑  Free-Standing Stair Leg Kit



    Click here for the PDF file of Patriot Docks Assembly Instructions

    Click here for Warranty Information and Form

    Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions

    Truss Frame Assembly

    Low Profile Frame Assembly 

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