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Woman relaxing on a NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats -  3 People With 2 Seabobs Enjoying a NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform
Platforms/Mats - NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform

NautiBuoy 525 Sport Teak 11'6" Platform

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 23 and Jul 30. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

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    The NautiBuoy Sport Teak 525 Platform. Spread your leisure living out onto the water because your boat can always be a little bigger!

    Available in four different sizes, the NautiBuoy Marine Platform is stable, simple to maneuver, and easy to lift from the water. These are the essential features but we didn’t stop there. From stainless steel D-rings to soft handles that don’t scratch the boat or mark the deck, we’ve thought of it all.

    One of the key features is our unique Air Toggle System, which as well as allowing platforms to be linked in multiple configurations, provides a 2nd air chamber for safety.

    The platforms are made to the highest standard. There’s been no compromise on quality – we've obsessed over every detail to bring you a product that will exceed your expectations.

    NautiBuoy – More Space, No Hassle
    Sports Series – 525!

    The Sport Series platforms are fantastic solutions to provide extra, valuable outside space to yachts of all sizes while having the versatility of the optional maintenance packages. They have been simplified to create a streamlined, more cost-effective alternative. They have all of the key features provided on the Voyager series, except they are only capable of end-to-end linking.

    Ideal for streaming off at the back of a vessel or simply anchoring off at ones’ favorite beach. The Sport Series Platforms are essential for yachts looking for more relaxation areas. 

    The 525 Sports Series is a perfect addition to create a larger landing dock for dinghies or tenders. It is super quick to inflate and deflate. An additional extra space for 4 people to sunbathe or for 4 deckhands to work.

    Customer Reviews


    ☑  Leisure

    Floating Comfort
    Unparalleled luxury at water level. A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life while relaxing in comfort. Offering freedom from the confines of the yacht, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.

    Your own private island
    Add a new perspective to your yachting experience by taking the comforts of the yacht even closer to the shore. With the NautiBuoy Marine Platform streamed off the back of the yacht or anchored off the beach, you can choose exactly where you want to be and create perfect serenity.

    ☑ Maintenance

    In the relentless pursuit for the perfect solution, we’ve designed our platforms to have the ability to transform from a guest-ready leisure platform into a solid inflatable maintenance tool. Simply add the lightweight, non-skid fitted cover to protect the platform, and your crew can easily clean, varnish, paint, polish, and have the hull of the yacht looking immaculate before leaving port. With the addition of hose holders, your crew can work efficiently around the topsides without losing equipment over the side.

    A tender free solution
    The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes, providing instant access to the water line and allowing crew members to work smarter – not harder. Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside washdown. Their unique ballast bag system provides excellent stability in the water and enables easy removal from the water after use.

    Configurations and Stability

    The revolutionary patent-pending Air Toggle linking system is unique to NautiBuoy Marine. Quick and easy to inflate, you can change configurations with very little time and effort.
    Cleverly designed, the system enables you to link all four platform sizes to one another to create anything from jet-ski docks to longer pontoons and shapes that allow access to any part of the yacht.
    The Sports Series allows end-to-end linking while the Voyager series enables all linking configurations, your imagination is the limit.


    The D-Rings are made of reinforced Kevlar and will not come off the mat. Ballast bags fill with water and keep the platforms steady so you don't tip.  They easily flip over to empty. Most docks do not have ballast bags but NautiBuoy makes sure that fun in the sun is safe and stable enough to dance on! 

    Materials and Design

    Voyager & Sport
    Made from 200mm PVC drop-stitch with Mehler German PVC borders and ballast bags. Mehler known for their superior quality PVC offers a trusted alternative to Hypalon. The teak on the platforms is made of PE Foam. Doesn't discolor. Is glued and stitched. Won't peel up with Jet skis bumping into it, doesn't get hot, spills come off with hot water and a sponge, competitors use EVA foam which peels.


    All their platforms are made from 200mm (7.5”) deep drop stitch, pack down to a conveniently stowable size and with 4 different sizes, there is a platform to fit every yacht.

    Platform model

    Max no. of users

    Inflated dimensions (all 7.5" deep)

    Approximate inflation/ deflation time to 250mb

    Stowage dimensions (imperial)

    Weight out of the bag (lbs)

    Weight in of bag (lbs)

    Max load (lbs)



    8’2” x 4’11”

    1m 30secs

    5’1” x 1’ x 1’






    11’5.5” x 4’11”

    1m 40 secs

    5’5” x 1’1” x 1’1”






    14’9” x 4’11

    2m 40 secs

    5’5” x 1’3” x 1’3”






    13’1” x 6’6”

    3m 30 secs

    7’3” x 1’1” x 1’1”




    Accessory Pack Includes:

    Stowable zipless protective bag (x 1)
     Repair kit with instructions (x 1)
    Instruction manual (x 1)
    Connection straps (x 2)

    Download the Manual -  here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    My 50 foot boat grew !

    I received my 525 sport in January when Lake Ontario was covered in ice so I waited
    a long time to try the platform - until May.
    It was worth the wait, the first time we used it I was super impressed with he quality and the stability of the raft
    but the best part was the speed and ease it was to deploy and retrieve.
    I bought the leisure pack, I highly recommend. This whole package add's a ton of room to the boat.
    The water is still too cold here in Canada for the swim ladder but I am super excited to use it together
    with the platform for diving and swimming while at anchor - two thumbs up !