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Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe
Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe

Osprey 13' Merrimack Canoe

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    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

     The Osprey 13' Canoe by Merrimack Canoes is light and perfect for paddling alone or with kids.

    The result of 50 years of classic canoe building combined with modern components for the ideal blend of function and performance this canoe will be handed down for generations.

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    Designed for the avid angler, this light canoe is easy to put into the water whether solo or as a pair.  The 39” beam provides a wide, stable platform for more comfortable paddling even with children in the canoe.

    While the 13’ length is short enough to navigate into narrower streams and tight fishing spots, the available width of the boat is still more than sufficient to confidently cast a line while standing, making those small back bays on the lake or bends in the river more accessible than ever before. 


    ☑ Carbon-fiber/Kevlar, and wood construction.
    ☑ Length 13' - Beam 39" - Depth 11.5" - Bow Height 19"
    ☑ Approx. Weight 48 lbs.
    ☑ Capacity 600 lbs

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    ☑ Kevlar Carbon Fiber Canoe
    ☑ Cherry Ribs
    ☑ Cherry Trim (Outer Gunwales & Deck Plates)
    ☑ Ash Seat
    ☑ Yoke/Thwarts

    Color Available

    Optional Extra

    Gunflint Canoe Paddle
    The Gunflint paddle is the most versatile and popular paddle offered by Sanborn Canoe Co, designed to tackle any of the narrow streams, winding rivers, and broad lakes that the area is known for.

    It comes with an array of options allowing you a dedicated paddle that perfectly conforms to your needs.
    Bent shaft available in 48-54" lengths, Straight Shaft available in 54-60" lengths

    The Minnesota is offered in a range of lengths to suit any paddler. It is available with either straight shaft or a 14° bend.

    Nessmuk Ultralight
    The Nessmuk paddle is an all-purpose lightweight canoe paddle. It's best for trips that require long portages or all-day paddling endurance.

    Engraved Deck Plates
    The best canoe you can own is one that's made exactly to your tastes. Numerous upgrades are available to tailor your canoe to your personal preferences, from customizable colors, trim options, floor prints, and even laser-engraved deck plates.

    Floor Prints

    A Merrimack canoe is more than just a tool to spend time on the water; it's a handcrafted work of art, tailor-made to the individual holding the paddle. Floor print options are available for upgrades.

    Wood Trim Package upgrade available( Walnut Ribs and Trim with Cherry Seat and Thwart) 

    For over 60 years, Merrimack Canoes has stood for innovation, artistry, and superior craftsmanship. The legacy continues today with a blend of modern composites and stunning wood to create world-class canoes.

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