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Boat - Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell  resting at the side
Boat - Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on display with the other boats
Boat - Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on display with the other boats
Boat - Man rowing with the Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on calm water
Boat - Kid learning how to row with the Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on calm water
Boat - Woman rowing with the Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on calm water
Boat - Woman rowing with the Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell on not so calm water

Regatta Rowing Shell Little River Marine

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 20 and Jun 27. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The Little River Marine Regata Rowing Shell - never before has the setup and go been so simple with the Regata. A great feature of this shell is its carry weight: 31lbs! Ladies, kids, and seniors love this!

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    These boats are made in the USA and are customizable.

    Go anywhere.  Toss it on the car racks and go. No longer are you restricted to marked courses and motored escorts. This rocket ship will take on the heartiest open water at midday, and clock in at mach one in the calm backwaters. Simply turn 3 knobs and the rigger is off. Now the shell carries like a small surfboard. Carry it everywhere and when you see an inviting seascape, snap on the rigger and start rowing.


    The Regatta comes standard in carbon fiber hull and deck construction, which is the lightest, toughest way a shell is made.  Lightweight is not just for racing – a light shell is much easier to carry, turns and responds better, and lasts longer. Even so, the Regatta is 2-3 pounds heavier than any other brand. Why? In the non-racing world, we want to be the toughest, longest-lasting. Besides, with the Instant-Release rigger, our carry weight is still several pounds lighter than any other shell. With the removable rigger, two Regattas fit side-by-side in the space of one other brand. All the wings are interchangeable with each other. Lean and mean. I mean slippery fast. Like rowing on ice. Cover miles in twenty minutes. Change area codes in an hour. We believe in a semi-round hull shape to provide speed and stiffness. While the flared hull sides above the waterline add incredible stability when in choppy waters. Any good open water shell must be relatively stable to handle the wakes tossing you to and fro. The Regatta has an exclusive flared hull design that has a two-fold benefit: the waterline is narrow so that in calm water she’ll behave more like an advanced flat water design. Just above the waterline, the hull flares out. Get into choppy waters and this flair yields reserve stability when you need it. Calm water fast, choppy water stable. To add even more stability, the seat deck is the lowest available, with the heel cups deep into the round hull. The seat is then height adjustable for those who like a higher platform. The Regatta is the driest flat-deck boat on the market due to its deep hull. The optional splashguard can really enhance this shell’s versatility.
    Quick-release wing rigger. This state-of-the-art rigging system mounts in seconds, and it is as stiff as concrete. Mounted on top of the shell, the wing rigger carries its own loads, thus requiring less structure inside the hull. Our design incorporates no bends because bends are weaker than welds and absorb energy, energy meant to propel the shell forward. Additional features include a storage bag, dual-action racing seat with pad, and velcro foot straps for safety. The oarlocks are top-of-the-line Concept II. Our rigging system is the most adjustable on the market: able to adjust all of the adjustments available on racing shells.
    ☑ Ultralight carbon construction
    ☑ Quick-release wing rigging
    ☑ Flush deck for weight savings
    ☑ Tracking fin, drain plugs, tow eye, water bottle port
    ☑ Carbon feet and seat
    ☑ Exclusive Universal Pitchtm and 4-way adjustable rigging
    ☑ 3 colors standard

    Regata Rowing Shell Components


    ☑ Length 20′ 11″ or 6.4 m
    ☑ Length at Water Line 20′ 4″ or 6.2 m
    ☑ Beam (at the waterline) 19″ or 48.3 cm
    ☑ Beam (at coaming) 22″ or 55.9 cm
    ☑ Carry Weight (Unrigged) Instant-release Rigger adds 9 lbs 31 lbs.
    ☑ Capacity 225 lbs

    Available Colors

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    Customer Reviews

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    Doug S.
    The Spirit of 76

    My LRM Regatta shell arrived on the 4th of July. I may christen it “The Spirit of 76”! I made my way over to the scenic Wyoming Big Horn Canyon National Monument (Yellowtail Dam) on Wed to launch the shell on its maiden voyage and enjoy a couple of days on the water.

    Great boat! I spent a bit of time adjusting the foot stretcher and rigger to my preferred dimensions and was off.

    I love the way it rows. It is a reasonably stable hull which will handle fairly choppy open water conditions - an important safety consideration for a solo rower - but on flat water it has a narrow hull footprint (for an open water shell) and is surprisingly speedy. On flat water, I was nearly as fast in this boat as a “pure” racing scull. Not that a 71 year old rower’s speed or stamina is going to raise any eye brows!

    The 29 lb hull weight and quick attach aluminum rigger made it a breeze to unload from my truck racks by myself, rig and beach launch .Three screw knobs in the rigger and you’re in business. I was unloaded, rigged and on the water in less than 10 minutes.

    BTW: Purist rowers will scoff at a padded scull seat - they claim “connection” between the rower and the shell suffers. But I assure you that this rower’s boney 71 year old ass thanks Little River Marine for this addition!