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Little River Marine Heritage 12 Sliding Seat Guide Boat Rowboat
Heritage 12 Little River Sliding Seat Guide Rowboat
Heritage 12 Little River Sliding Seat Guide Rowboat
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Sliding Seat Guide Boat Rowboat
Heritage 12 Little River Sliding Seat Guide Rowboat
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Sliding Seat Guide Boat Rowboat
Row boat - Little River Marine Heritage 12 Sliding Seat Classic Rowboat  in the lake

Heritage 12 Little River Sliding Seat Guide Rowboat

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 27 and Jul 04. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The newest to our line is the economical 12' Guideboat. Very light at 65 lbs, yet still has the famous Heritage looks and glide. It may be purchased with traditional fixed seat oars, or with our wonderful sliding seat. Or both!

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    These boats are made in the USA and are customizable.

    Construction is of superior hand-laid fiberglass, not plastic. Plastic is much heavier and easily warps in the sun. As with kayaks, quality boats are made of fiberglass.

    The Guideboat uses a time-tested full drop-in sliding seat station.  The seat is removable and folds up to fit in the back seat.

    Ultralight for one person carrying
    The Y/T is surprisingly light, weighing only 65 pounds. Little River has been making ultra-light racing shells for 30 years, and we have applied what we have learned about light strong composite construction to this boat.


    Heritage 12 Guide Boat
    As an exercise rower, she is much better than traditional dinghies, Due to her smaller size, women often choose the 12 as a boat that just “fits” better. When used for sliding seats, men seem to prefer the famous glide of the 15 or 18. Stability wise they are pretty close to equal, both allowing the rower to stand.

    Weight was a primary design parameter for the Guideboat series, but also cost. This is a very economical way to get into the famous glide of the Heritage. Its timeless lapstrake hull, swooping sheer, and wineglass stern give her classic good looks. This graceful craft will become a treasured family heirloom. Thus, the name the Heritage.

    New for yachtsmen is an optional all-white gunwale (no extra charge), so there won’t be any chance of scuff marks against your main vessel.

    What’s her best feature?
    Versatility to fit your lifestyle. Take a partner, or pile in the kids. Row hard or just sail. Clamp on a two-horsepower motor. Pack a lunch and go exploring. Strap it on the car for summer vacation.

    The possibilities are endless…
    Built with a wider hull than rowing shells, the Heritage is terrifically stable. This allows the rower to stand while launching or even at sea. One can even stand and cast a fishing pole. The Heritage also has a prominent bow enabling it to charge into the roughest seas. The deep-tracking keel and high stern will thrill you as you surf down sea. This is the first truly “ocean-capable” sliding-seat rowing craft. No more waiting for calm weather to row.

    The Sail/row design is well thought out so you may do both at once: row out, then sail home. Everything is cleanly designed to remove and reattach instantly, even at sea.

    Thanks to our patented folding rigger, set up and launching is a breeze. Slide your Heritage off the dock, push off, swing out the rigger, and go…it’s that simple. The seat is much higher than that of a shell so it is much more comfortable. If you like, you can row out to your favorite quiet spot and just watch the sunset….

    The Heritage comes in three sizes, the Heritage 12, Heritage 15, and the Heritage 18

    Specifications and Features

     Extremely light
     Low price
     Removable Wooden bench
    Heavy duty rub rail
     Built-in passenger seats front and rear


    ☑ Length 12′ 5″
    ☑ Width 45″
    ☑ Hull Weight approx. 65lbs.
    ☑ Freeboard amidships 17″
    ☑ Draws 3-4 inches
    ☑ Carrying Capacity 560

    Available Colors


    Topics to consider when choosing your rowing craft.

    Optional Extras

    ☑ Little River Marine Trailer in a Box Dropped Shipped To You

    ☑ Little River Marine Trailer Galvanized

    ☑ Little River Marine Heritage Cover

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