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Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tende
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender
row boat - Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender on the lake

Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Aug 21 and Aug 24. *ETA to the USA Only

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    Made In The USA

    You Will Want To Row, Row, Row, Your Boat With Your Little River Marine Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender!

    This rowboat will probably stay in your family for generations.  Its timeless lapstrake hull,  swooping sheer and wineglass stern give her classic good looks. At first, one just wants to look at it and imagine the quiet streams and golden sunsets where a Heritage belongs. 

    These boats are made in the USA and customizable.

    Reminiscent of the romantic rowing craft which graced the waters at the turn of the century, the Heritage line is as much a joy to look at as it is to row. All of our rowboats are crafted using hand-laid fiberglass.

    The Heritage comes in three sizes, Heritage 12, Heritage 15, and Heritage 18. The Heritage 15 and the Heritage 18 can be rigged to row as a single or a double station. The difference is that the Heritage 15 is a lighter launch, and thus easier to handle, while the Heritage 18 has a longer waterline, and thus better rowing double. Which rowboat is best for you? If you will be rowing mostly as a single, the 15 is probably best. If you plan to row mostly as a double (and occasionally as a single) then the 18 is your best bet. The Heritage 12 comes as a single only, but can carry passengers. It is a good choice where space is a concern, for to use as a tender to a big boat. Also, ladies tend to prefer its smaller size.

    Versatility to fit your lifestyle. Take a partner or pile in the kids. Row hard or just sail. Clamp-on a two-horsepower motor. Pack a lunch and go exploring. Strap it on the car for summer vacation.

    The Heritage 12 Classic Yacht Tender (full inner liner) is a new multi-purpose yacht tender that rows well, sails hard, is 85 pounds lighter, and has beautiful lines. Famous Heritage bottom design for an excellent glide, and can be rigged for sliding seat rowing.


    Made of hand-laid fiberglass and carbon fiber graphite, the strongest method known for boat building. Also unique is that she is made of both an outer hull and a fully molded inner liner. This is much stronger, lighter, and more attractive than a single skin boat. The Heritage is as much a joy to look at as she is to row.

    The now-famous patented fold-in rigger arm system is standard. This has 3 benefits: First, when docking, you can swing the arm in without removing the oar. Very neat! Second, when folded in, it doubles as a grab bar to help you get in and out. And third, when folded in, it supports the canvas cover to keep rainwater from pooling.
    There are built-in passenger seats both in the bow and the stern. Also standard are two drain plugs, molded non-skid, storage compartment, and bow and stern eyes.
    The Yacht Tender is surprisingly light, weighing only 95 pounds. Little River Marine has been constructing ultra-light racing shells for 30 years, and we have applied what we have learned about light strong composite construction to this boat.

    As an exercise rower, she is much better than traditional dinghies, due to her advanced hull shape, lightweight, and stiffness. Women often choose the Heritage 12 as a boat that just “fits” better. When used for sliding seats, men seem to prefer the famous glide of the Heritage 15 or 18. But, when there are space limitations, the 12 is perfect. All 3 are stable, allowing the rower to stand. The 12 Yacht Tender is a better “family” sailing version as it carries a smaller, single sail. The 15 and 18 are more high performance with 2 sails.

    We’ve built in an enormous amount of safety flotation, much like an inflatable raft has. The entire gunwale is shaped like a large horseshoe, all Coast Guard Certified air chamber flotation. An inflatable has this tube on the outside because it must be round to be made of fabric. We have placed the flotation on the inside and made it an appealing shape to the eye. No longer do yachtsmen need to settle for tenders that have forgotten form in the name of function. This is a romantic rowing craft much like that of which had graced the waters at the turn of the century.
    There is an optional second mounting station (for the sliding seat monorail) for those who wish to better relocate weight in the boat when passengers are aboard. The floor is non-skid, and there are oversized lifting rings, bow, and stern, for davits. New for yachtsmen is an optional all-white gunwale, so there won’t be any chance of scuff marks against your main vessel.


    ☑ Length: 12′ 5″
    ☑ Width: 45″
    ☑ Pick-up Weight: 100 lbs.
    ☑ Freeboard amidships: 17″
    ☑ Draws: 3-4″
    ☑ Carrying Capacity: 431 lbs.
    ☑ Pick up weight equals boat without Monorails, or what you would normally pick up on your car. Monorails weigh 16 lbs and arms weigh 3lbs a pair.

    Available Colors

    **Little River Marine boats are not eligible for return.

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