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Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat
Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat
Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat
Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat
Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat

Kolibri Marine 13'4" Inflatable Boat KM-400DSL

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    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Craving adventure on the water? Set sail on a sea of possibilities with your own Kolibri KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat -  the epitome of portability and affordability.

    Made in Ukraine 

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    Kolibri has been designing and manufacturing inflatable boats and all boat equipment, including valves, oars, and transoms since 1995, and their boats are sold in over 30 countries worldwide, including Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Israel, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. 

    All boats are designed and built according to the latest technologies and strict European standards and undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure that they meet Kolibri's high standards for quality and durability. Kolibri Marine produces the largest number of different accessories for inflatable boats among other manufacturers, providing customers with a wide range of options to customize their boats.

    The Sealine Series is Kolibri's biggest boat for open water. Perfect for going far away from the shore, our boats are built to last many, many years.

    With a load capacity of 750 kg, and the ability to take 6 people on board, the KM-400DSL is your perfect assistant for your river or sea trips. No matter what activity you do, fishing, diving, or other, this inflatable boat will allow you to enjoy the good times for many years.


    ☑ More space for your gear
    The uniquely shaped tubes allowed us to move the transom further back, giving you up to 15% more interior space, compared to conventionally placed transoms.

    ☑ A durable and solid floor
    The SeaLine Series comes with extremely durable aluminum flooring. It provides the best stability and rigidness!

    ☑ An extra thick transom for your powerful outboard
    The thicker transom is made with real, waterproof marine plywood, and mounted using molded transom holders. The transom on your boat will safely support your outboard motor, adventure after adventure.

    ☑ Effortlessly cut through waves
    The inflatable keel on the bottom of the boat gives additional rigidity to the floor and allows the boat to plane on the water.

    ☑ D-ring for easy attaching
    Two solid D-rings on the bottom of the boat makes attaching the boat to a trailer, or any other platform as easy as it can be.

    ☑ Adaptability for your outboard
    The adjustable transom plate makes it possible to slightly raise your outboard motor, to achieve the best on-water performance.

    ☑ High-Quality Transom
    The transom is made of marine-grade plywood and is mounted using extremely durable, molded transom holders. This type of transom mounting is the most long-lasting, and won't fail over time.

    ☑ With Anchor Roller
    An anchor roller in the front of the boat allows for fixing an anchor rope for fast and easy anchoring of your inflatable boat.

    ☑ Equipped with built-in Overpressure Valve
    This boat has an overpressure valve, in order to prevent damage from excessive pressure, caused by external temperature changes.

    ☑ Unique Oar Fixing System
    Kolibri uses a unique oar fixing system, that allows removing the adjustable oars, with one click of a button.

    ☑ Strong and Secure Lifeline
    A strong and secure lifeline, located on both sides of the boat, allows the passengers to hold onto it safely and ensures their safety.

    ☑ Equipped with Transport Handles
    Transport handles located on the front and the back of the boat allows easy moving of the boat.

    ☑ Movable Seats
    The seats are movable and allow you to have the most comfortable sitting position.

    ☑A durable fabric that will last
    Manufactured using only the highest quality PVC fabric, this boat is made to withstand the test of time and years of exposure to the elements. A fabric with a density of 1100g/m2 and 0.9mm thick was chosen as the optimum lightweight yet durable material.

    ☑ Five separate chambers (one for the keel) ensure that the boat will remain on float even after one chamber has been damaged.
    ☑ The air deck covers the bottom entirely and provides great floor rigidity.
    ☑ All of the seams are heat welded and are also guaranteed for five years. Heat welding is the longest-lasting type of PVC bonding.
    ☑ Extra thick 9.5-inch wide protection below the tubes. 3mm thickness. Ensures that the tubes stay intact even when pulling the boat on rocks. 

    Kolibri Marine KM-400DSL (13'4") Inflatable Boat Components


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    What's Included

    ☑ Boat
    ☑ Oars
    ☑ Bench
    ☑ Inflatable floor
    ☑ Transport bag
    ☑ Repair kit
    ☑ Documentation
    ☑ Pump
    ☑ 5 Year Warranty

    Optional Extra

    ☑ AquaBanas Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure Pump

    ☑ Bench Seat Cushion

    ☑ Under Seat Bag

    ☑ Bow Bag

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