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eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN AND BLUE
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Training Tube
eWave Battery
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN
eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN

eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 27 and Jul 04. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The eWave Jetboard V2-6000 GREEN is a powerful &  radical performer.  Chosen as the winner of the 2020 surf Expo Product of the year! 

    Ideal for performance riders looking for maximum speed and thrill.

     See All eWave Jetboards Here

    See All Jetboards Here

    Questions?  Call an Expert  "Tel: 706.619.6670"

    EWAVE Jetboard ushers in a new era for both watersports and motorized surfing to provide a tremendous amount of excitement
    on the water! 

    With a top speed of 32 mph, the EWAVE packs plenty of power and can operate for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.

    A race board for adrenaline junkies. It is designed for sharp turns and high speed. This electric surfboard is geared for advanced riders. 
    If you are looking for action this is your board.
    You can even ride it in big waves!

    Introducing EWAVE Fly Mode!

    eWave Jet Boards are specifically designed to be compatible with our unique interchangeable Jet Foil Propulsion System.

    That's right, you now have the best of both worlds! Our Foil attachment easily swaps out and replaces the Jet Pump System providing you with whichever experience you desire based on riding conditions.

    Flat water? Use the Jet Board to slide it!
    Choppy water? Use the Foil to fly above it!

    *Jet Foil attachment sold separately


    The 2.5 kW battery has a weight of 15 kg and will charge in 2 hours for offering up to 30 minutes of riding time depending on the conditions and weight of the rider. The battery has 2 soft release handles for easy transport and comes in a metal case that is fire-proof. The battery is running at 48 V and 56 Ah.

    The full carbon fiber Jetboard has a dimension of 176 x 61 x 18 cm and weighs 42 kg including the 22 kg battery and can carry riders up to 100 kg. The battery charge can be monitored very easily with LEDs on the handle.


    ☑ Length: 69″
    ☑ Width: 24″
    ☑ Height: 7″
    ☑ Material: Carbon Fiber
    ☑ Power: 10KW
    ☑ RPM: 6000 RPM
    ☑ Top Speed: 32mph
    ☑ Battery Life: 20-40min
    ☑ Board Weight: 48lbs.
    ☑ Voltage: 48V
    ☑ Capacity: 56AH
    ☑ Charge Time: Fast Charge 2.5 hrs
    ☑ Cooling System: External Water-cooled
    ☑ Max Load: 220lbs


    ☑ Battery
    ☑ Fast Battery Charger (2.5 hours)
    ☑ 1 Pair of 5 Layer D3O footpads
    ☑ 1 Pair Ratchet Locking Foot Straps
    ☑ 2 FCS Thruster Fins
    ☑ 1 Main Fin
    ☑ 2 Wristlet Starter Keys
    ☑ Padded Board Travel Bag
    ☑ Board Stand
    ☑ Basic Tool set
    ☑ EWave Strive for Greatness Beach Towel
    ☑ Owners Manual
    ☑ Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)


    ☑ Spare Battery

    The top seller under the Ewave accessories. Do you want to extend your riding time? Spare batteries can be easily exchanged and the riding time can be doubled or tripled if you have spare batteries. Just plug & play. One battery lasts about 30 minutes has a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 56 Ah. The battery can be charged in about 2 hours.

    ☑ Extra Set of Directional & Bidirectional Foot Pads

    Directional Foot Pads

    5-layer sport pads with licensed D3o shock absorption material. May be set up for either Regular or Goofy Stance.

    Bidirectional Foot Pads

    Assists in sharing the board with others.
    Same design as our regular pads (5 layers with licensed D3o shock absorption material) but works both ways (Regular and Goofy Stance) without having to remove and change the set-up. Best suited for Yachts, Rental Operations, and Families.


    ☑ Training Tube

    Need some help at the beginning? The Ewave race-jet board can be challenging to ride for beginners. Get a faster start with the eWAVE Training Tube. The tube makes the Jetboard float without having any speed. It is designed for beginners and kids. The Tube can be easily mounted and dismounted from your Ewave Jetboard.


    What is Jet Boarding?

    Download eWave Standard Limited Warranty here.

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