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AquaBanas Charter Package
AquaBanas Charter Package
AquaBanas Charter Package
AquaBanas Charter Package
AquaBanas Charter Package
AquaBanas Charter Package

AquaBanas Charter Package

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 18 and Jun 25. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Escape the ordinary and extend your water Real Estate with your inflatable paradise behind your yacht with the AquaBanas Charter Package.

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    AquaBanas draw attention from anywhere on the water.  Whether you’re looking to host a land-based or water-based affair, AquaBanas got all of your inflatable needs covered with their custom-built designs and in-stock. 

    All AquaBanas products are built to the highest commercial inflatable standards including full welding of all drop stitch products. Welded seams eliminate any possibility of seam failure that many drop stitch products are prone to.
    Also, an additional layer of vinyl material is added to every seam, along with our trim strip material for added strength.

    AquaBanas products are lightweight, durable, safe, and engaging so people of any age can use them on their yacht or at resorts around the world!

    As the preferred manufacturers for Ultra-High Quality Luxury Yacht Inflatables, they're not only going to inflate your ideas with fun but with high quality and class too.

    AquaBanas Charter Package is the perfect gateway to endless aquatic fun. Made with premium materials for ultimate comfort and stability, these inflatable platforms are easy to set up and store, taking your relaxation to new heights. It can comfortably accommodate 12-25 adults. 


    ☑ Hot Air Welding
    All AquaBanas® products incorporate the latest hot air
    welding technology to ensure seams do not leak under
    pressure. Hot air welding fuses the layers of material together
    through a process of heat, speed, and pressure. Just like in
    metal welding, hot air PVC welds are stronger than the actual

    ☑ High Frequency Welding
    All AquaBanas® D-Ring lashing points, handles, and grips are
    high-frequency welded to the body of the product to get the
    maximum adhesion possible. The placement of these items is
    designed for excellent ergonomic fit as well as engineered to
    be in the best locations for use during operation.

    ☑ Designed for Adults
    AquaBanas® are designed for adults but are enjoyed by families
    of all ages and sizes. From the BanaGrip™ non-slip surface, the
    Quick-Step Access, to the stability of the deck and the shade over
    the top there is nothing that compares to the AquaBanas®
    Party Bana™. Go ahead and gather 8-10 friends to hang out for a
    day. The rhythmic motion of sitting on the water with a gentle
    breeze coming through the tent is amazing. Adding your favorite
    beverage to the drink holder tabletop while soaking your feet in
    the refreshing water will make you never want to leave!

    ☑ Premium Quality
    Banas™ are built to the highest commercial standards with welded seams, a layer of vinyl in every stitch, and trim strip material.

    ☑ Interconnectable
    Our Banas™ can float by themselves or be connected to other products for maximum capacity, comfort, and convenience.

    ☑ Quick and Easy Set-Up
    All Banas™ are lightweight and built on a modular frame that makes them easy to set up, connect, break down, and store.

    ☑ Non-Slip Surfaces
    We designed our Banas™ with non-slip surfaces to prevent falls and make sure that everyone stays safe while having fun.

    ☑ Quick Access Steps
    Our non-slip access steps allow guests of all ages to safely and efficiently board and exit your Bana(s)™.


    BT-120 Tent
    ☑ Weight: 79 lbs
    ☑Stored: 30" x 22" x 15"
    ☑Inflated: 132" x 132" x 89"
    Party Bana
    ☑ Weight: 181 lbs
    ☑ Stored: 46" x 30" x 18"
    Large Bana Connector Kit
    ☑ Weight: 6 lbs
    ☑ Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 3"
    King Lounger
    ☑ Inflated : 87” x 82” x 37”
    ☑ Stored : 45” x 30” x 11”
    ☑ Weight: 99 lbs
    Push Off Bana Flat/ Curve
    ☑ Inflated : 268” x 80” x 44"
    ☑ Stored : 46” x 30” x 20”
    ☑ Weight: 227 lbs
    PWC BOB Bana
    ☑ Inflated : 132” x 132” x 28”
    ☑ Stored : 46” x 30” x 11”
    ☑ Weight : 46” x 30” x 11”
    Pool Bana
    ☑ Inflated : 177” x 217” x 94”
    ☑ Stored : Bana Deck: 45” x 30” x 20”
    Netting + weight bags: 30” x 22” x 16.5”
    Weights: 18” x 9.5” x 5”
    ☑ Weight: Bana Deck: 220 lbs
    Netting + weight bags: 64 lbs
    Weights: 43.8 lbs

    Package Includes

    ☑ 1 Push-Off Bana Flat or Curved
    ☑ 1 Pool Bana
    ☑ 1 PWC BOB Bana
    ☑ 1 Party Bana with BT120 Tent
    ☑ 1 King Lounger (Connector Kit included)
    ☑ 3 Large Bana Connector Kits
    ☑ 2 Premium Inflation Kits included

    How AquaBanas Work

    AquaBanas have a modular design that allows them to operate as a single unit or to be seamlessly connected to form larger Bana Systems.

    All AquaBanas decks and components use a standardized connection system that has (2) D-Rings located 80” apart. Each set of these D-Rings features a 120” wide Gator Mouth flap that firmly holds a non-slip Gap Cap material that prevents anyone from stepping through the butted seam. The decks are held together primarily with (2) chains of #316 Stainless Steel Quick Link connectors connected to the rings. The chains are then covered with a wrap.

    How To Set Up?

    *Because these are highly specialized products and will sell out, the manufacturer does not accept returns*

    Please see Aquabanas FAQs here 

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