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Red Truck Driving Up The Beach On A  AccessRec Mustmove® Vehicle Beach Access Mat
Red Pick-up Truck Coming Out Of The Water on  AccessRec Mustmove® Vehicle Beach Access Mat
AccessRec Mustmove®  Vehicle  Beach Access Mat
AccessRec Mustmove®  Vehicle  Beach Access Mat
AccessRec Mustmove®  Vehicle  Beach Access Mat
Military Using AccessRec Mustmove® Vehicle Beach Access Mats To Load Their Vehicle From The Sand To A Ferry Boat
AccessRec Mustmove®  Vehicle  Beach Access Mat

AccessRec Mustmove® Vehicle Beach Access Mat

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jun 18 and Jun 25. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Mustmove® Beach Access Mats roll out temporary roadways to enable access across all types of challenging ground conditions. Just lay them down and drive across sandy beaches, muddy construction sites, swampy wetlands, and more.


    See All Beach Access Mats Here

    Questions? Contact a Specialist - "Tel: 706.619.6670" Or "Tel: 864.367.6161"

    These portable mats provide a slip-resistant, non-floating surface for cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and even military vehicles to travel over unstable earth that would normally trap them. Setup takes minutes and the interlocking sections flex to fit the contours of any landscape.

    Stop getting stuck. Stop damaging your undercarriage. Stop limiting your possibilities. Mustmove mats allow you to reach places you never could before. Drive up to remote coastlines. Haul equipment into the backcountry. Recover vehicles from the mud. Expand your operational capabilities.

    The only thing stopping you is the ground beneath your wheels. So roll out a temporary roadway and go anywhere you want to go. Unstick your potential with Mustmove.

    Mustmove® Trackway & Beach Access Mats are made of double-ply, rubber coated
    fabrics, reinforced with composite rods. >An innovative ground improvement and protection solution developed to increase mobility on sand, mud, and unstable grounds.



    ☑ Anti-Stick Surface

    Impermeable to sand

     Very Lightweight & Compact

    Only 9 to 18 inches when rolled up
    Foldable (Roll up)
    ​​Length is 4'11"


    Anti-sliding rubber-coated surface

    Does not float on water

     Quick & Easy Set-Up & Removal

    Easy to install remove & clean

     Longer life expectancy 

     Modular design

    Sections with quick connections
    Rotating sections
    Can be fitted to all existing deployment systems

    See AccessRec PDF Brochure here!

    AccessMat Installation PDF
    ADA Compliant




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