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Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit
Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit

Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 03 and Jul 06. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Take your surfing to a new level with the Waydoo Flyer One EPP E-Foil Kit. E-Foiling, one of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor leisure, has reshaped the future of modern water sports.

    Powered by a robust propulsion system, Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP gives you the ultimate water experience. You can ride anytime and anywhere. Efoiling on oceans, lakes, or rivers lets you experience the sensation of flying above the water. The Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP is changing the E-Foiling industry with an incredible performance at an incredible price.


    Feel the rush as you slash through the water at an incredible 22mph.  WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP provides a 55-85 minute journey that allows you to travel up to 18.6 miles, giving you the freedom to explore without restrictions. 

    The Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP is a remarkable powerhouse with a sleek design and unrivaled features at an incredible price. We created the one-of-a-kind Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP, which has a powerful electric propulsion system and slip-resistant textured carbon fiber. WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP delivers the best flying experience by being fast, silent, and emission-free.

    Get set up in the blink of an eye. Instead of messing around with bolts, gel application, cables, or electrical contacts, Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP has been completely redesigned to keep the fuss to a bare minimum. Simply roll up on your nearest beach, remove your PowerFlight Cell battery from the compact carry case, snap it in, and you’re ready to go become one with the water.

    FlightFreeze: When the rider falls into the water, the Jet ONE Controller will automatically lock. Push your limits and challenge yourself, knowing that if you crash, your Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP will not be sailing off into the sunset without you.
    Low Battery Warning: When the battery level falls below 25%, the Jet ONE controller will blink and vibrate to inform you.
    Waydoo Flyer ONE Propeller Protection Case: The Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP is made to last. The sturdy Flyer ONE's propeller is shielded from environmental harm by its casing, which is designed to withstand the test of time. Soar through the sea with ease and enjoy spectacular moments without boundaries.

    Two-Hour Rapid Charge: Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP was designed to be as practical and efficient as feasible. We created the PowerFlight Cell battery in the Flyer ONE with robust, high-quality materials, and it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge, making it one of the fastest recharge models on the market. Each charge gives you the freedom to fly for 55-85 minutes, giving you plenty of time to explore and create an amazing trip. 

    Using your Jet ONE controller, you can easily master the Waydoo WAYDOO FLYER ONE | EPP. With the built-in anti-glare 2.3" inch screen, you can see your speed and gear in a single glance. With the controller's 24-speed settings, you can easily choose how fast or slow you move. The Jet One Controller, which includes a GPS, maintains track of your progress on every trip.

    Here are the suggested speed settings for each level:
    Beginner: 0-10
    Medium: 11-18
    Advanced: 19-24

    Tech Specs

    Available Packages

    ☑ Explorer Package
    The Explorer package includes the Explorer wing and short mast. This combination is great for early planning and foiling at slower speeds. If this is your first e-foil the Explorer package is the perfect place to start.

    ☑ Patroller Package
    The Patroller package includes the Patroller wing and longer mast. The smaller area of the Patroller wing makes it great for more experienced or adventurous riders. The Patroller is faster and more maneuverable than the Explorer wing perfect for getting your adrenaline pumping.

    Note: With two different wing and mast options to choose from you can customize your ride any way you like. All of the Waydoo components are interchangeable so you can adjust your ride anytime.

    Package Includes

    ☑ Waydoo Flyer Efoil Board
    ☑ Your choice of Explorer or Patroller wing set
    ☑ Short mast
    ☑ Jet One Remote
    ☑ Battery
    ☑ Fast Charger and remote charger
    ☑ Padded travel bags

    Optional Extras

    ☑ Smart Battery

    Limitless fun with the Waydoo Smart Battery. Featuring a revolutionary cordless, plug-and-play approach that eliminates the wires often seen in similar devices.

    Length : 19.9"
    Width : 13"
    Height : 3.4"

     ☑ Flyer Pod
    The Flyer pod is a great way to add buoyancy to your Waydoo Flyer or Flyer One board. A perfect accessory for first-time riders.

     How to clean your Waydoo Flyer One Carbon E-foil Kit?

    Owner's Manual



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