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WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard
WaveShark Foil JetBoard

WaveShark Foil JetBoard

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Sep 25 and Oct 02. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Soar Above The Water With The WaveShark Foil! Glide for up to 180 minutes!  The longest run time on the market! 

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    Flying with Inner Peace
    Immerse yourself in nature the way it should be

    The WaveShark Foil is designed to provide users with a more quiet, natural, and connected experience on the water. It can give you the sensation of flying above water or seeing beyond the horizon. The electric surfing hydrofoil glides above the water without leaving a wake, making almost no noise. Powered by a lithium-ion battery as well, it provides powerful propulsion while emitting negligible noise. The remote control allows riders to control the speed and ease their way into real-time flying. Do you need more time to work on your balance? No worries, the longest ride time is up to 180 minutes.


    Gliding Over the Water Powerfully

     WaveShark Foil delivers powerful propulsion with a maximum speed of 45km/h (28mph)


    3-layer waterproof safety design
    5-level alarm protection mechanism TOTAL OPERATIONAL SAFETY

     More Ride Time

    Levitating above the water is unforgettable and precious. WaveShark Foil is paired with a capacity of 2.6kWh battery which guarantees the longest ride time up to 180* minutes in the market. Search no more, the NEXT foil is here.


    High-strength carbon fiber

    A plate body made of high-strength anti-corrosive carbon fiber combined with 192 quality tests provides industry-leading quality control.


    Dynamic LED Flow

    WaveShark Foil is equipped with an LED taillight which’s flowing effect signals a turn. Let’s fly with dazzle.

    Beyond Limitation

    WaveShark Foil is so adaptive that it can be used on any water bodies (rivers, lakes, or oceans), regardless of weather condition, (windy or waveless), for all consumers (experienced or beginner). Zero-emission enables it to be welcomed in most water sports locations.

    GPS Positioning and Low Battery Reminder

    Thanks to the embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor. WaveShark Foil keeps tracking your board, calculates the remaining battery level based on speed and route dynamically, marks the point of the safe return, and informs the rider via controller vibrations.


     Super Silent High Power Motor

     No sensation is paralleled to gliding over the water without leaving a wake. WaveShark Foil provides powerful propulsion while keeping the noise at an imperceptible level (environmental noise at 50db).


    Reliability Matters

    Ultra-light carbon fiber was adopted in both board and mast. The lightweight and right amount of rigidity of the material offers high responsiveness during turning and carving. A combination of high-strength carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum guarantees high anti-corrosion ability.

    IPX8 Controller and Speed Settings

    The wireless waterproof floatable IPX8 controller comes with a wristband and a high brightness AMOLED monitor. It shows the speed and remaining battery with high visibility which won’t be affected by sun exposure or a shiny water surface. 4 speed modes ease your way into mastering the journey above water.



    ☑ Dimensions: 1680 x 670 x 1000mm (66" x 26" x 39")
    ☑ Weight: 34.5kg / 76lbs(battery included)
    ☑ Top Speed: 45km/h (28mph)*
    ☑ Est Ride Time:180min*
    ☑ Load Range: 100kg(220lbs)
    ☑ Material: Carbon Fiber
    Taillight:Red LED

    Propulsion System

    ☑ Max Output Power: 5kW / 6.7hp
    ☑ Motor Type: Brushless
    ☑ ESC Critical Functions: ESC protection as overheat, over-current, over-voltage protection, block protection


    ☑ Dimensions: 743 x 714 x 80mm (29 x 28 x 3 inches)

    Remote Controller

    ☑ Screen: AMOLED 0.95inch
    ☑ Max Operating Time: 25hr
    ☑ Charge Time: 2.5hr
    ☑ Protection Grade: IP68


    ☑ Max Power: 1500W


    ☑ Dimensions: 535 x 440 x 95mm (21 x 17 x 3.7 inches)
    ☑ Weight: 18.5kg / 41lbs
    ☑ Capacity: 52.8Ah/3.5hp
    ☑ Protection Grade: IP68
    ☑ BMS Critical Functions: BMS protection as Overheat, over-current , balanced charging, over-voltage protection, over discharge protection, water detection, fault and historical data storage
    ☑ Charge Time: 2hr 30min
    ☑ Working Temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104°F)
    ☑ Charging Temperature: 10-45℃ (50-113°F)


    Package Include

    ☑ Foil
    ☑ Fast charger
    ☑ 1 Unit of Battery
    ☑ Remote control


    Optional Extras

    Ride Longer! Ride Harder With An Extra Battery!

    Extra WaveShark Electric Foil Battery Pack

    Extend Your Ride Time Another 180 Minutes!!


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