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Adventure waterpark / Aquapark - Union AquaParks Sierra Medium set at the lake
Adventure waterpark / Aquapark - Union AquaParks Sierra Medium
Adventure waterpark / Aquapark - Union AquaParks Sierra Medium
Adventure waterpark / Aquapark - People sliding and jumping from the Union AquaParks Sierra Medium
Adventure waterpark / Aquapark - Union AquaParks Sierra Medium

Union AquaParks Sierra Medium

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    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

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    Transform your existing waterway into an all-new experience with the Union AquaParks
    Sierra Medium Water Park.

    The Sierra Medium provides multiple exciting routes with amazing activities.  Kids and adults alike make long-lasting memories that will keep them coming back to your resort year after year.

     With a water sports background starting in the '60s Union AquaParks has developed the best products and the most knowledgeable people to be able to design a Challenging and Fun Water Park that will be a huge business success for you.

     From start to finish, Union guides you through the entire process of creating the ultimate aquapark experience.  Your success equals Union's success.

    Union provides a Two-year warranty on all aquapark features. Within reason, if there is an issue- it's on them. A 20-Day Guarantee from the time they agree there is an issue, in less than 3 weeks they will have it resolved. With their Express Replacement Guarantee, they will replace any problem with an item of equal or greater value and provide express freight to guarantee quick turnaround. Union always goes back to their core values of setting their selves and their products to a higher standard long after the purchase has taken place.

    Each product is certified by TUV SUD in Germany for compliance with EN ISO 25649. Union takes a lot of pride in putting their products through the most difficult tests available and having the safest designs on the market. The Link (the way you connect two Union pieces together) provides a high-strength connection, eliminates all gaps, and is fully contained above the waterline. This means there are no straps beneath the products that can cause entrapment issues. Every item is modular so we can tailor your park set up exactly to the restrictions of your water space and the needs of your business. We will work with you to create the perfect setup for your property. Once we have a better idea of what you are looking for we can design a few different layouts for you to look over and select from.


    ☑ Innovative Designs
    * Connection System -Ease of use. Safety. Durability. Union's unique connection system between features exceeds expectations in all 3 of these categories. You can see and experience the time and effort they put into engineering this simple, but very important piece of your park.
    * Multiple Challenge Levels - Union has designed multiple routes within their features. Offering your park different challenges and ability levels without having to change out your features. Every time someone is in your park they can have a new experience or push themselves to a new level of excitement by choosing a new route to take.
    * High Volume Loading - Every aspect of your park experience is important, from start to finish. With our uniquely designed loading ramps, we made it easy to get a high volume of people on and off your park with speed and ease.

     30 Features Included

    ☑ Water Experience
    Union's variety of patent-pending features come in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels that can be tailored to meet your aquapark goals. They work with you to find the best pieces for your water depth and space and give you a detailed look at the layout, anchoring system, and capacity limit.
    * Shapes - Union features are designed to be FUN. Fun for kids, fun for adults, fun for patrons, fun for spectators.
    * Sizes - Current Union aquaparks range from a 30-person capacity to 250+ and can create layouts to fit any size body of water.
    * Skill Levels - Most Union customers opt for a variety of features with varying difficulty levels which are sectioned off into different loops to challenge users of all skill levels.

    ☑ Land Experience
    Union creates products with customer well-being in mind and gives park owners the tools to run a safe and successful business.
    * Installation Options - Union Aquaparks has three installation options: Full- Installation, Assisted Installation, and Self-Installation.
    * Proposal Pack - Includes all relevant information for your park, breaks down the individual features and accessories with pricing information, capacity limits, and the number of anchors needed.
    * Software Programs - Depending on your needs, Union can connect you with software providers that help your business run smoothly and efficiently.
    * Rental Equipment -Union has designed rental equipment with customer and operator experience in mind. Al-sized items are color-coded for quick and easy organization and distribution. Products touching the skin are
    made of full neoprene to ensure a comfortable experience and long product life. Union AquaParks can provide all the equipment your customers need to get out and have fun.

    ☑ Full-Service Installation
    Union offers a full-service installation from start to finish. No matter the size or location, Union has a team of fully qualified installers that will be there for you every step of the way. We will do it right, do it fast, so you can open your park on time,

    ☑ Two- year Warranty
    Union fully guarantees the quality of all its products for two full years after the date of purchase.
    * Craftsmanship - Union builds all their products to the highest of standards. Union guarantees against any factory defects that may occur within the first 2 years of a product's life.
    * Durability - Union features are produced with industry-leading materials and innovative construction. Union AquaParks guarantees durability with standard use and wear and tear for up to 2 years.
    * Replacement - If at any point within the first 2 years your product has an issue that cannot be resolved Union will offer you a full replacement to keep your park up and running.

    ☑ MyAqua
    A user-friendly program Union created to allow businesses to easily “build” a customized park. It offers a chance to work with their engineering department using a template that can then be reconfigured based on the individual park needs.

    Technical Advantages 

    ☑ TUV SUD Certified
    All of Union products are TUV SUD certified to conform to EN ISO 25649 - made with the highest quality and safety standards to guarantee customer satisfaction and smooth operation.

    ☑ Non-Skid Texture
    Specific surfaces were texturized to give customers better traction when needed keeping wipeouts to a minimum.

    ☑ Drop- Stitch Design
    This construction method gives products a low profile in the water to offer optimal stabilization for patrons boarding the park.

    ☑ Material Selection
    Union uses a commercial-grade 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin infused with UV and mildew protectants to keep your park open with heavy traffic and harsh environments.

     ☑ Reinforced Seams
    For increased durability and product longevity, seams were reinforced using four-layer overlapping weld points.

    ☑ Heat Sensitivity
    Union products were tested for total solar reflectance and colors were consequently selected to ensure comfortable surface temperatures for guests.

    ☑ Pressure Relief Valve
    This design feature automatically releases air from Union products as the day heats up and internal pressure increases, relieving additional stress from I-Beams to ensure lasting product durability.

    ☑ Double I Beam
    I-Beams give the products structure and our double I-Beam construction provides extra strength that ensures long life.

    Accessories Included


    ☑ Capacity: 104
    ☑ Water Depth : 6'6'' (2.0 M)
    ☑ Colors: Glacial Blue and Icy White
    ☑ Features: 30

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