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Windfoil Accessories - Tillo International WindFoil 1050
Windfoil Accessories - Tillo International WindFoil 1050 side view
Windfoil Accessories - Tillo International WindFoil 1050 top view
Windfoil Accessories - Tillo International WindFoil 1050 front wing
Windfoil Accessories - Tillo International WindFoil 1050 front wing

Tillo WindFoil 1050 Racing

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Dec 06 and Dec 09. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Tillo International WindFoil 1050 is built with carbon HR that increases performance and rigidity. Ideal for Racing and performance-oriented freeride sessions. Designed for excellent performance in light wind conditions and offers great stability at higher speeds. 

    Tillo International WindFoil 1050 was created for optimal light Wind Foil performance, but its stable and rigid feel is also consistent, fast, and manageable in stronger wind.  Carbon HR construction is ideally stiff and uniform for improvements to performance.

    The profile of its wing is designed to be minimum drag and super glide. It is stable and controllable giving confidence to wing foil riders seeking a versatile wing for stronger wind.


    ☑ V-Fix System Front Wing
    Front wing V-fixing system guarantees distribution of forces on two axes and therefore maximum rigidity of the wing/fuselage mechanical connection.

    ☑ Titanium Washers Reinforcement
    Reinforcement made of titanium at the tightening area of the screws

    ☑ Anti Stall Shape Front Wing
    Geometry avoids wing-tip vortices and therefore stalling when the wing is too close to the water surface.

    ☑ Carbon HR
    HR Carbon Fiber (High Resistance)

    Tillo International WindFoil 1050 Component

    ☑ HA 1050 Wing
    This wing is designed with a unique race-oriented profile for lighter, more unstable wind in Wind Foil, and speed and stability in Wing Foil. It offers incredible glide, early takeoff, and is forgiving and accessible, ideal both for upwind/downwind performance and progression.
    ☑ 95 Fuselage
    The 95 cm fuselage is conceived specially for wind foil, yielding powerful performance in upwind / downwind.
    ☑ 250 stabilizer
    The 250 stabilizer is conceived for across-the-board performance while being very stable, owing to its wingspan design. Responsive allows progression in maneuvers, speed, and technical riding.
    ☑ NOE 80 HR mast
    The NOE 80 HR mast is versatile and very progressive. It is particularly well adapted to learning Wind Foil, or light to medium wind freeride sessions.

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