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S27 Naish Torque 2 + I3 QR Control System
Kites Accessories - Man kite boarding using the 2020 Torque 5-Line 50 Control System - 24m
Kites Accessories - Man kite boarding using the 2020 Torque 5-Line 50 Control System - 24m
Kites Accessories - Woman kite boarding using the 2020 Torque 5-Line 50 Control System - 24m

2023 S27 Naish Torque 2 + I3 QR Control System

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Apr 21 and Apr 28. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The NEW S27 Naish Torque 2 + I3 QR Control System is equipped with pre-stretched TLS 500 Flying Lines and the Best Quick Release Mechanism!

    The new Torque 2 Control System with snap-in reload quick release trim loop offers superior safety and functionality, ideal for all riders and styles. The Quick Release is ISO Certified, setting the standard for ease of use and reliability. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, reloading the Quick Release is extremely easy, featuring a single-hand click-in reset.

    The trim line and flagging lines are in a PU tube to keep everything smooth and easy. For those in search of a functional, ultra-reliable, and durable control system, you’ve finally met your match with the all-new Torque 2.


    • Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum Bar Center: Provides structural strength, impact resistance, and smooth trim line function.
    • Replaceable Nylatron® Insert with Titanium Screws: Dramatically reduces friction and wear on the trim line and the aluminum bar center, ultimately increasing their life.
    • Color-Coded, Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core: Provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip.
    • Premium TLS 500 Lines in 22+2 m: Strong lines with sheath line ends for maximum durability.
    • Available in 55 cm or 50 cm bar widths: The 50 cm bar width is ideal for small kites and the 55 cm bar is ideal for medium to large kites.


    • Bar/Line Adjuster: Allows the rider to fine-tune their bar width 5 cm.
    • Retractable Line-Retaining Bungees: Features a streamlined design that holds flying lines in place while not in use and conveniently retracts when lines are in use.
    • Simple Line Organizer: Offers a smooth stainless line organizer with anodized aluminum flagging line stopper


    • Push Away Release: Remains held in an open position and ready to reset at all angles of release. 
    • Snap in Reload Quick Release Trim Loop (ISO 21853 certified): Offers one-handed reload for ease of resetting your Quick Release.
    • PU Covered Single Center Line System: The trim line and flagging line are in a dual chamber PU tube which protects, organizes the lines, and is smooth on the hands.
    • Below-the-Bar Swivel: The swivel delivers functional line organization to reduce front line twists.
    • Durable Trim Loop Chicken Finger: Held secure on the harness to reduce the chance of unhooking.
    • ISO 21853 certified Quick Release for absolute safety and reliability.


    ☑ I3 Quick Release

    The snap-in reload quick release trim loop offers superior safety and functionality, ideal for all riders and styles.


    ☑ Flex-Float

    All-new floater design with an integrated flex section to reduce steering interference


    ☑ Dual Density EVA Grip with Memory Core 

    Double EVA over a memory-foam core for a comfortable non-slip grip


    ☑ Adjustable Width

    Plastic inserts allow 10 mm total adjustment of width between lines


    ☑ Hard Anodized Center Insert 

    Improved surface hardness to reduce wea


    ☑ PU-Sheathed Trim Lines

    Plastic tubes are smoother on your hands, and smoother on the bar


    ☑ TLS 500 Flying Lines 

    Industry-leading strength, with reduced diameter for lower wind drag and water drag standard 22+2 m configuration


    ☑ Flagging Line Stopper Ball

    Limits the distance the control system can slide up the flying line after a release, greatly improving your chance of straightening everything out in the water and riding again. 


    ☑ Line Length - 24m / 78.74'

    ☑ Bar Widths: 50 cm, 55 cm

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