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Accessories / Windsurf Foil - Naish S26 Windsurf 1150 Front Wing
Accessories / Windsurf Foil - Naish S26 Windsurf 914 Front Wing

Naish S26 Windsurf Front Wing

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Aug 21 and Aug 24. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The Naish S26 Windsurf Front Wing is fast, fluid and features a thinner foil section. Perfect pair with the Jet HA 280 stabilizer.

    With a unique outline and foil section compared to any other wing in the Naish range, the 914 is fast and fluid. Its foil section is thinner than that on any other Naish wing, providing high-speed with fairly low lift for the size of its span. Requiring a relatively high take-off speed the 914 is very stable once up to speed making it a fantastic wing-foil racing wing, windsurfing, or medium to large sized surf wing. Incredible upwind performance combined with an unsurpassed top speed makes the 914 a fantastic powered-up wind foil option. 

    Suited for riders who prefer to ride with minimal sail size and put emphasis on early takeoff and maneuverability or riders who prefer to sail with bigger sails and more focus on speed and upwind ability, the Naish Windsurf 1150 offers a magic balance like no other windsurf foil offers. The 1150 front wing combines early lift, great top speed, and smooth turning ability with easy control, making it the ideal choice for any recreational foil windsurfer who does not only want to sail up and downwind but also enjoys going fast easily on any course. The delta-wing design feels equally at home with a more relaxed small sail freeride setup as well as with bigger sails and a more outboard stance position while riding. The Windsurf 1150 is also a great choice as a high wind Wing-Surfer setup pushing this new sport to a new speed level. Paired with the Stabilizer 320 back wing, this is the most universal lightweight Windsurf foil setup suited for any level of riding. 

    Construction Technology

    ☑ Biax glass - UD carbon pre-preg construction
    ☑ 3K Pre-preg carbon outer layer
    ☑ Glossy speed finish
    ☑ No foam core for 650 Kite front wing and all stabilizers
    ☑ Dual expansion foam core technology for all front wings (except 650 Kite front wing)
    ☑ High temperature and pressure molding for all foils

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