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Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Naish S26 Crossover Inflatable 12'0" X34 Fusion Stand Up Paddle board complete set
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Naish S26 Crossover Inflatable 12'0" X34 Fusion Stand Up Paddle board front view
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Naish S26 Crossover Inflatable 12'0" X34 Fusion Stand Up Paddle board back view

Naish S26 Crossover Inflatable 12' Fusion Stand Up Paddle board

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Feb 06 and Feb 09. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The Naish S26 Crossover Inflatable 12'0" X 34" Fusion Stand Up Paddleboard is an all-around, touring and windsurfing board that offers enhanced performance, extra capabilities, and faster paddling than entry-level SUP boards while remaining very stable and easy to use.

    The Crossover delivers great stability whether you’re hauling up a sail or paddling. It features the same fast and efficient shape as our Touring inflatables and allows you to explore as far on the water as you like. The single fin in the back combined with the center fin provides exceptional lateral resistance when used with a sail, making this an amazing entry-level windsurfing board and wing-surf board. The mast insert is flush with the deck of the board, so there is no bulky plastic to get in the way when the sail is not attached. Explore as far as your curiosity takes you with this stable and efficient 3-in-1 inflatable.


    ☑ Double Layer Rails
    Naish inflatables are built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail. This provides great durability, increased longevity, and enhanced stiffness.

    ☑ High Pressure Rated
    Naish boards are constructed in an all-new manufacturing facility with superior glues, materials, and quality control. This allows their boards to be inflated to a higher PSI (21), for unbelievable stiffness that performs more like a composite board. Adhering to the highest quality control standards in the industry, every single inflatable board is built to last.

    ☑ US Fin Box
    Naish inflatables boards* are now delivered with US fin boxes, enabling the use of a stiffer fin and granting you the option for fin customization. All fins are equipped with a tool-less butterfly screw, Malikos come with an extra phillips-head screw.
    *ONE and ONE Alana are equipped with the slide-on fin system

    ☑ Fusion Drop stitch
    Stiff + durable + light

    ☑ Added Deck Handles
    Supporting Naish's goal to make fun and easy-to-use products, each board in the range features strategically placed handles to improve transport. From the race handles on the Maliko to the nose and tail handles added to the Nalu, all boards are comfortable and easy to carry.

    ☑ Windsurf Mast Insert
    Flushed design for a smooth, flat deck

    ☑ Inflatable Bag
    ☑ Dual Flow Pump
    ☑ (2) 10.0 Slide-in Fins (US Fin Box)

    Materials and Construction


    Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
    Crossover Inflatable 12'0" X34 Fusion 12'0" / 365.7 cm 34" / 86.4 cm 6" / 15.2 cm 319 L

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    Package Includes

    ☑ Naish Crossover SUP Board
    ☑ 3pc paddle
    ☑ Pump
    ☑ Inflatable bag
    ☑ 10.0 Slide-in Fin (US Fin Box)
    ☑ Leash

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