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Boots and Bindings - Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot
Boots and Bindings - Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot front view
Boots and Bindings - Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot side view
Boots and Bindings - Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot back view
Boots and Bindings - Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot side view

Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Feb 05 and Feb 08. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    The new Hyperlite 2022 Gooey Boot is a Trever Maur Signature Footwear. It is Super lightweight, durable and very comfortable. Ideal for wake & cable riding.

    Trever has always preferred a System Boot with full range of motion and his Gooey Boot delivers just that, maximum range of motion in a comfortable wakeboard boot. The name says it all and you’ll enjoy this free riding System Footwear allowing you to tweak the board like never before. Super lightweight 3-Part Construction begins with the insole for comfort and arch support, our midsole for impact protection and resistance and the outsole for traction and durability. Our Thermo Formed Tongue and Fast Dry Aero-Mesh EVA make this the most comfortable System Boot ever, ideal for wake & cable riding.


    ☑ PowerPop EVA Foam Insoles
    Exclusive blend of individual PU spheres, molded together to create a springy feel that will not break down over time.

    ☑ EVA Lite + Outsole
    Hyperlite Outsoles blend performance, comfort, and durability in the lightest possible EVA material. TPR Shock Pad provides extra cush on hard landings.

    ☑ 3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner
    All Fusion Plate Bindings feature our Fully Lasted and 3D Formed Liner Construction.

     Velco Closure - Ankle
    Easy to customize beefy Velcro security for upper ankle.


    ☑ 3-Part Construction
    Insole for comfort & arch support / Midsole for impact protection & resistance / Outsole for traction & durability
    ☑ Fully Lasted Fit
    The "last" is what the boot is shaped around and determines fit, heel hold, and toe box shape. Our lasting process allows for a consistent and comfortable fit every time you put your foot into it.
    ☑ Support Level - Mid
    Material selection engineering to offer a softer more flexible feel.
    ☑ Thermo Formed Tongue
    Using heat we 3D shape the tongue fitting seamlessly with top of foot and lower shin.
    ☑ Flow Through H2O Drainage
    Engineered gaps to shed water weight quickly, reducing weight during each session.
    ☑ Range of Motion - Max
    Designed for those seeking a softer more flexible boot - tweaking to the Max.
    ☑ 2-Part Theory
    Binding and Boot pair for the ultimate connection. Binding delivers support and security - Boot provides control and comfort.
    ☑ Fast Dry Aero-Mesh EVA
    Lightweight and supportive material selection sheds water quickly.

    Available Sizes
    ☑ Gooey Boot 6
    ☑ Gooey Boot 7
    ☑ Gooey Boot 8
    ☑ Gooey Boot 9
    ☑ Gooey Boot 10
    ☑ Gooey Boot 11
    ☑ Gooey Boot 12

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