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Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard -Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP AS-201F front and back view
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard -Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP AS-201F side view
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Woman carrying the Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP AS-201F
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - Woman wing foiling with the Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP AS-201F

Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP

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    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Aztron Sports 2022 Falcon Air X 5'10" iSUP is a great starter for your early SUP foil career.  With double chamber construction, this foil board is lightweight, responsive, easier to handle, and offers maximum performance.

    Aztron believes that nature has no boundaries, while humans bear infinite potential. Only through constant exploration and discovery.
    Inspired by the earth we live on, they unleash the power within, through an unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity for all.
    They see, feel, think and move. Inspired by the unlimited possibilities.

    The new FALCON AIR X 5’10” is a more compact version of the wing foil-specific board offering an easier entry into the world of foiling. This is an ideal board for riders who are just starting to venture into the world of foiling.


    ☑ Extra wide and shortboard for easy maneuvering
    ☑ Double Chamber With Double Layer Fusion Core
    ☑ Ideal size for Wing Foiling with a swing, offering a generous volume
    ☑ Wide outline with generous volume for easy takeoff
    ☑ 5mm thick deep diamond grooved EVA traction pad and tail kick
    ☑ 2 easy-to-carry side handles
    ☑ Lifted nose rocker
    ☑ D-ring connector for safety leash
    ☑ Twin US tracks plus Tuttle box system

    The Aztron customized box mount system provides flexibility to adjust between the Tuttle box and the US Track system. The foil box is positioned at a similar position to the Composite Foil as the boards get perfect balancing.

    ☑ Compatible with all Aztron Rocket Foils and US Tracks system
    Easily switch between the Aztron Rocket Foil models with an all-compatible system to find the best combination that suits different conditions and styles.

    ☑ Extra Wide and Compact Outline
    The new Falcon Air X 5'10" offers a compact and extra-wide version that is dedicated to wing foiling sport. The new outline offers an easy entry for those who are new to the foiling world. With the compact and short-length design, this board is responsive and easier to handle.

    ☑ Double Chamber Construction
    "Incredibly Safe!" The Double Chamber Construction is a signature technology of Aztron and it applies to all the inflatable board products. The inner chamber offers a 50:50 air distribution with at least 30 liters of safety buoyancy which ensures riders' safety effectively. The additional inner chamber with extra air pillars makes a sidewall at the standing area that makes the board 30% stiffer, The Double Chamber structure creates the feeling of paddling on a hardboard.

    ☑ High-Pressure Double Valve System
    All Aztron's air SUPs are equipped with customized premium high-pressure double valves, designed exclusively for Double Chamber SUPs. With a smaller diameter than a regular valve, Aztron's valve helps to prevent damages caused by overinflation.

    ☑ Slightly Lifted Rocker and Thick Rails
    The Falcon Air X features a pronounced nose rocker to recover quickly from waves and ensure a safe and soft touchdown. Thick rails give better stability and a more rigid composite board feel while keeping the lightness of an inflatable board.

    ☑ Two Side Grab Handles
    The two integrated side grab handles are built for easy lift and transportation. All Aztron handles feature neoprene with a rubber pad design, providing users a solid grab and comfortable carrying experience.

    ☑ 5MM EVA Traction Deck and Kick Pad
    Featuring a 5mm thick deep diamond grooved soft EVA foam pad, this foot traction deck provides the rider with maximum grip and comfort while foiling. The Kick Pad also reduces the tail touching the water when pumping and turning.

    Construction and Materials


    ☑ Product : Falcon Air X
    ☑ Length : 5'10" / 178 cm
    ☑ Width : 29" / 73 cm
    ☑ Thickness : 4.75" / 12 cm
    ☑ Max. Ride : 1
    ☑ Weight : 7.0 kg / 15.4 lbs
    ☑ Volume : 110 L
    ☑ Rec. Payload : <80 kg / <176 lbs
    ☑ Max. Payload : 100 kg / 220 lbs

    Package Includes

    ☑ SUP Hand Pump
    ☑ 10.0 SUP Leash
    ☑ 105L SUP Bag

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