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Accessories - Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing
Accessories - Man surfing with the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing
Accessories - Man holding the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing
Accessories - Man surfing with the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing
Accessories - Man wingsurfing with the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing
Accessories - Man surfing with the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing and  the Aztron board
Accessories - Man carrying the Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing , foil and board
Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing with Aztron ePump

Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Feb 06 and Feb 09. *ETA to the USA Only

    Why Buy From Light As Air Boats

    Aztron Sports Inflatable Wing 4.0 and 5.0 are ultra-light with a powerful profile and large window panel for maximum safety. Built with lightweight fabric, and the unique Y-shape power grip with multiple gripping points on the leading edge make it so easy to maneuver and control.

    Designed for fun, safety and durability it has plenty of power with maximum performance.

    Aztron believes that nature has no boundaries, while humans bear infinite potential. Only through constant exploration and discovery.

    Inspired by the earth we live on, they unleash the power within, through an unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity for all.

    They see, feel, think and move. Inspired by the unlimited possibilities.


    ☑ Lightweight and Durable Dacron Fabric
    Made of durable but lightweight Dacron fabric and D2 canopy materials, our Wings are absolutely robust and light. Thanks to the inflatable technology, these Wings are easy to rig, pack and use.

     ☑ Y-Shape Power Grip Handle
    The Y-Shape Power Grip Handles connect the inflatable leading edge and boom provides extra stability between the leading edge and the bladder but also gives the rider more control of the wing.

    ☑ Multiple Gripping Handles
    There are multiple grip handles on the leading edge to give riders an easy and natural hand placement in various wind conditions.

    ☑ Neoprene Top Handles for Maximum Grip and Comfort
    In addition to four or five handles on the leading edge, there are also three neoprene-covered top handles that you can use in upwind conditions, attach a harness or just carry your wing on the beach easily.

    ☑ Stiff Leading Edge with Firm Cloth and Large Volume
    The stiff leading edge with firm cloth, large volume, ideal balanced angle and gives the Wing plenty of power and a maximum performance.

    ☑ 4.0 Wrist Leash
    The new Aztron 4.0 Wrist Leash is included for riders to attach to the nose of the leading edge for safety, this ensures you will always remain connected.


    ☑ Ultra-light reinforced wing fabric
    ☑ Powerful profile and low-end grunt
    ☑ Large window panel for maximum safety
    ☑ Large diameter leading edge and center strut
    ☑ Ergonomically shaped strut for better handling
    ☑ Y-shape power grip with various multiple gripping points
    ☑ EVA covered handles
    ☑ Double-valve system
    ☑ Compact gear bag and 4.0 wrist leash is included


    ☑ Product: Inflatable Wing
    ☑ Sizes: 4.0 and 5.0

    Package Includes

    ☑ Wing
    ☑ Gear Bag
    ☑ 4.0 Wrist Leash

    Optional Extra

    ☑Aztron Sports SUP E Pump
    Aztron Sports SUP E-Pump is a high-performance, quality pump skillfully designed for inflatables that need a high volume of air.
    This pump has an integrated digital pressure gauge to inform you of pumping progress and automatically shuts off once the desired pressure is reached.

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