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How To Choose The Best Portable Spa - And Why Owning A Portable Spa Is A Smart Investment

 A couple enjoys their portable spa, the M-SPA Camaro.

Get comfortable. The journey ahead is very relaxing. We promise.So you’re in the market for a soft spa. Or maybe you’re bathing in the idea of owning one in the near future. We don’t blame you. A good portable spa is the ultimate form of luxurious relaxation. 

In your backyard or out at the beach house - it’s portability makes for the perfect getaway no matter where you are. 

But choosing the best portable spa can be overwhelming. Each model has its own unique features, capacity, and style. To make your soon-to-be-relaxed life a little easier, we’ve laid out the details of each model. You’ll be sure to find the soft spa that works best for you and your needs.

In this post, we’re going to cover:

  • Why purchasing a portable spa is a good investment
  • What makes M-SPA styles superior to other brands
  • What things to look out for when choosing the perfect soft spa

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

Short answer: Yes, 1000%. 

If you ask anyone who’s ever owned an inflatable hot tub, that’s probably what they’ll tell you. Hot tubs are usually a purchase that’ll stay with you for the long haul. They become part of your lifestyle. You’ll quickly realize that it’s one of the few things you can’t imagine your life without. Add the “portable” feature to it and you’re looking at relaxation wherever you go. 

Moving to a new home or going on an extended vacation? Typical hot tubs weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds empty and 6,000 pounds full! No wonder hot tubs get left behind. With our portable spas, tear-down and setup is easy! They’re practically featherweight in comparison.

So what makes these convenient inflatable tubs so great?

  1. When we say portable, we really mean it. You can pack it up and pop it in the back of your car for easy traveling.
  2. You can easily assemble and take apart these tubs. 
  3. Portable spas can be used both indoors and outdoors. So you can relax year-round.
  4. They’re lightweight. Your back will thank you.
  5. These tubs actually look good. None of that 1970’s aesthetically unattractive stuff here. 
  6. They’re affordable. If you’ve always wanted a hot tub, without the hot tub price tag, an inflatable one will be perfect for you.
  7. Ever waited forever for a hot tub to warm up? These M-SPA soft spas have quick heating technology.
  8. They’re quiet. Some hot tubs are known to be unnecessarily loud. Not these M-SPA tubs. So your neighbors won’t hear you. Unless you want them to.
  9. These portable spas will relax you to your core. You’ll know the moment you step in.

So now that you know how incredible these portable spas are, how do you find the right one? You know, the one that feels like it was custom-tailored to your needs? Let us help.

How to Find the Perfect Portable Spa for You

Not a lot of things in life come with a one-size-fits-all label. We get it. That’s why our M-SPA tubs come in a range of styles with unique features, accessories, and options.  

You’re that much closer to finding the best portable spa for your unique needs! But before settling for a specific model, you need to ask yourself a few questions: 

Are you looking for an out of this world massage experience? A soft spa that will relax you, and then some? This spa includes more than one hundred effervescent air jets and individually adjustable hydro-massage jets. Please, and thank you. 

Want to reap the benefits of a hot tub with the whole family? Together? All at once? A 6-person spa will fit the bill just right.

Do your muscles need an extra layer of support? This spa is built with a specific type of construction that allows for additional support. 

Will you be staying in the hot tub for short or long periods of time? If you think your hot tub sessions will be on the longer side, you’ll love this one for its energy saving capability. So stay as long as you want. We dare you.

Want all the bells and whistles? We’ve got the perfect suggestion - this spa is at the top of a lot of wish lists. 

Our Favorite Soft Spa Models

No other brand is able to offer the same features or level of workmanship as M-SPA. With revolutionary technology and exquisite design, they’re truly in a league of their own. Now, we’re about to get to the exciting part..which is helping you select the portable spa that’s right for you! But before we do, let’s discuss some of the characteristics you’ll find in each and every model we sell: 

  • Each M-SPA is built with 6-layer reinforced PVC Rhino-Tech fabric. Material that is UV, frost, and tear resistant.
  • Ideally, you’ll keep the water above freezing but should you forget, the anti-icing system will be your saving grace! The heater will automatically run until the water reaches 37.4 degrees. 
  • Enjoy portable spa superiority with PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology. This means your tub will heat up quicker, use less energy, and ultimately save you more moolah!
  • Revel in ultimate relaxation as our high powered hydro-massage jets work out your strains and tension. More jets and higher quality! 
  • Feel like you’re sitting in re-used bath water? Not with M-SPA! With advanced 4-hour filtration, your water will be clean and fresh, as it should be.  

As you can see, there’s nothing ordinary about M-SPA. These portable spas were made to stand out! Okay, now to the good part..selecting your portable spa. 

There are 6 different portable spas and each are equipped with their own set of unique features. With different seating capacities, designs, and air jet systems, you’ll want thorough details on each of them. Thank goodness for the tub full of information you’re about to find below.

Looking For A 4 Person Spa? Check Out These Options

If your space is more compact or you simply have no need for a larger setup, then why not opt for one of our 4 person portable spas! Same level of quality, just smaller. Let’s take a look at our favorite 4 person models:


A woman is seen enjoying the luxury of the M-SPA Baikal Elite.

M-SPA Baikal Elite Portable Spa E-BA049


The Baikal was designed for those who crave luxury and comfort; not an ordinary hot tub, but one that’ll showcase its benefits even after usage. We notice you staring too; it’s hard to look away, isn’t it? The Baikal is a beaut. 

118 air jets with 4 added hydro-massage jets is what really sets this one apart. The Baikal offers an invigorating massage experience that’s difficult to beat. Adjust the level and direction however you want it. Your muscles and joints will thank you. Oh, and we can’t forget..the Baikal comes with added goodies! With your purchase you’ll also receive a heat preservation bubble mat (to keep your tub nice and toasty), an inflatable bladder, digital lock, and more. 

A man relaxes in his M-SPA Alpine portable spa.


M-SPA Alpine 4 Person Delight Portable Spa D-AL04 

A patented, unique square shape design. High quality structure. 132 strategically placed air jets for the release of muscle tension and a good night’s sleep. And all that, without breaking the bank!

That’s what you get with this beloved charcoal grey Alpine spa. High standards and an outstanding experience all while keeping your wallet happy. Come one, come four, this one’s roomy enough for a small crowd. Included with your purchase is an added ground buckle mat and top lid.  

An image of a dark silver portable spa sitting on a lawn.

M-SPA Silver Cloud 4 Person Delight Portable Spa D-SC04


There’s a reason it’s called the Silver Cloud. For starters, it features a 138 air jets massaging system.  It feels as comfortable as it looks. With it’s elegant round design, it’s the perfect zen-like addition to your outdoor space.  Made with durable and tough reinforced PVC, this soft spa is UV, frost, and tear resistant.

The Silver Cloud portable spa includes an integrated pump and an easy-to-access filter. It’s designed to make your life easier. Zero hassle. Just a whole lotta’ comfort. And as an added bonus, your spa will also include a handy digital lock for added safety.

Looking for Something Larger? Choose a 6 Person Hot Tub

Whether you’re looking to entertain or bring the family together, a lower capacity hot tub might not fit your needs. In that case, a 6 person hot tub would be ideal. It’s roomier for more people. Or you could bathe in its glory all by yourself. We wouldn’t blame you! 


An image of a 6 person portable spa displayed on a deck.

M-SPA Alpine 6 Person Delight Portable Spa D-AL06


You can have a bigger, roomier hot tub without the price tag, and this Alpine 6 person spa is it. It’s got all the features you love - whisper-quiet technology, unique square shape, energy saving system, and high-efficiency heat technology - with a price tag that’s unbeatable. Again, it’s the perfect option if affordability and space are your two main concerns. Need a ground buckle mat and top lid? That’s just one of the added extras you’ll receive with your shipment. 

The M-SPA Tekapo is displayed on a deck next to a pool.


M-SPA Tekapo 6 Person Delight Portable Spa D-TE06


Larger capacity hot tubs require more stability. This gorgeous midnight blue Tekapo spa is equipped with a newly designed bias air chamber that results in a tub that is durable and long-lasting.  It’s quiet but is an absolute beast with 132 strategically placed air jets. Aches and pains, be gone. If you’re searching for a tub that’s ultra strong and stable, this is the most solid one in the lot. Super popular! Oh, and this one also comes with a ground buckle mat and top lid, as well as the standard wired controller, cartridge, and garden hose adapter. 

Four people sit in their M-SPA portable hot tub.


M-SPA Camaro Premium Portable Spa P-CA069


This Camaro is what soft spa dreams are made of. This carbon fiber design features perfectly placed air jets that help create thousands of bubbles to fully cushion and massage you. The over-sized tub means you can fully immerse yourself in it - and we know you like the sound of that. This is the end all be all if you’re looking for a spa that’s extra roomy but also extra chic. This one is full of every added extra you could want: inflatable bladder, heat preservation bubble mat, digital lock, and more. 

The Best Portable Spa 

Portable spas make perfect additions to your home and lifestyle. You get all the luxury and comfort you’re looking for without finding yourself buried in debt. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. All six M-SPA models are affordable. And each one, more stunning than the next.

So which portable spa came out on top? Which is deemed the champion? By now, you’ve realized that it is entirely up to you, your lifestyle, and your needs. And whatever that is, M-SPA has an option for you.

And now that you’ve narrowed down your search, don’t forget to look through all of our favorite must-have spa accessories! We have you covered with all of the essentials such as extra cartridges, bladders, and all over covers. But don’t forget about the fun add-ons such as inflatable coolers, snack holders, and cushions. Ultimate fun and relaxation are just a few clicks away. So get your M-SPA portable hot tub and accessories on order today!